Golden Tarot -- Two of Wands


A well dressed, blond man (the book identifies him as a merchant) walks towards the left side of the card. He wears a knee-length white robe with green trim -- very smart. His soft green brocade hat folds over the top towards his face (and for some reason makes me think of a manatee). He wears matching green stockings, and to me it looks like he isn't wearing any shoes. He smiles slightly.

In his right hand he loosely holds onto a leafy wand that rests on the ground. In his other he holds a silver globe that is divided up into three parts -- Asia, Europe and Africa. Right behind him is another wand. Both wands stand straight up. The man stands on a bridge or walkway of a castle with a view out over the town and river beyond to a green hill with trees. The sky is blue.

To me the card suggests the very early stages of planning a journey or a project. The lack of shoes suggests that it may be a false start. It looks to me like the merchant has made his decision -- he has chosen one wand over the other, but hasn't gotten much farther than that in his thinking. The globe suggests he has big dreams, but the fact that he isn't looking out at the world suggests that he isn't ready to act on those dreams yet. The prevalence of that youthful green also suggests that it is a young idea that he is hatching.