Golden Tarot


Ooooooh! Golly, it's finally starting to seem real. It's been so long I feel a bit detached, like it was never really going to happen. Would be great if you could email it to me, Jeannette. I'm actually having trouble with my hosting server today, so my ISP's email addy is probably the best bet- as long as it's under 3meg, as they have a limit. Much appreciated!

And now everyone knows where to place their advance orders (including for signed decks!)..... I get so many emails asking, from next week I can just point them in your direction. Yippee :D


Thanks Jeanette

The printing ISBN information is what I'm looking for...
It may come up in the next few weeks or so for so I can get an ISBN # for my Christmas or next Easter's gift to my sis to be ordered thru the local shop. If Tarotgarden is carrying it, I'll bet you'll be able to order enough for U.S. Games to ship things to you...the local shop took six to eight months to get Roots of Asia.

Mari H.


The ISBN is 1-57281-434-9.

Hopefully, I'll have the information posted on our website next week, so we can start taking preorders at the usual discount. The information will appear on this page:

I have never had any problems with getting USG to ship things to me. The problem with the Roots of Asia deck is that it is an AGM title, not a USG title. USG is the sole North American distributor for AGM, but they only place reorders for AGM products quarterly, and then it takes a while to get them over here from Switzerland.

Kat: I meant I'd send you the whole, paper catalog by regular mail, if you like. PM me your mailing address again, and it will be on its way. Unless you'd prefer just a scan of the catalog page with the Golden Tarot info.

-- Jeannette


Jeanette - a scan would be great. USGS have said they'll send me a couple of copies of the catalogue (just as well, as my Mum wants one too). I was thinking you had it as a pdf, but that's probably a bit high-tech for a publishing company ;)


Thanks so much Jeannette! First time I've seen the box design, too. Those numbers at the top of the cards look a bit odd, but I guess I'll get used to them being there :)

I'm very pleased that it's only $20. When they said 'deluxe' I was worried it might be very expensive, but I reckon that's not too bad. Also it looks like they've done the long version of my booklet, so it may include the art references even if you don't buy the deck/hardcover book set. All the better for promoting my cause - to encourage people to see the real-live works if they ever get the opportunity.


I am so looking forward to getting your deck Kat. I have read all the descriptions of the cards on your site and I look forward to reading the accompanying book also. Can't wait to see the cards in person!

I will definitely be pre ordering this deck!



"Golden Years"

Ah, Bowie always tells it like it is.......

I was up at my regular tarot shop last weekend buying the Templar Tarot and I mentioned that the only deck I was waiting for was the Golden. She'd never heard of it or your web site (GASP!!) so I got her to write it down and go look at the site and she will see it in the US Games catalogue too.

Anyway, she's on alert, that's the important thing.

And YES Kat, don't tell people what your next deck creation is. I'm always quoting this but I saw it in Christine Jette's book "Tarot Shadow Work" where she talks about saboteurs and well-placed doubts from people, and how there is power in secrecy. She also cites this marvelous quote from Julia Cameron in her book "The Artist's Way:"

"Always remember the first rule of magic is self-containment."

We want you to be magical!!


Well... now that there is a publishing date... it's in the catalog... Jeannette is putting it up for preorders. Whew! Kat, I'm on-board too... I'll be preordering soon. I haven't commented before this and probably should have, but this is a beautiful Tarot deck and is one I am definitely going to buy!

... counting my pennies and the days...


I'm a little confused: I seem to remember it would be published as a deck/book set?

Or will the book come out seperately?

Or no book at all...:(

Still, I'm glad the deck will be affordable. Means I can preorder soon at the wonderful Tarotgarden!


Fret not Hedera! There will also be the deck/book set. Not sure if the same release date is scheduled for that if it's not in the catalogue. I guess the book will be available separately too, for people who've already got the deck.

At least, I *hope* they release the book, since I bothered to write one and it would be nice to get some royalties for the effort :p

It was a bit odd writing the book, because I've written mostly for websites and I kept the same conversational, casual style. I expected USGS to edit me heavily for that reason, but they've pretty much kept it as I've written.

BTW, I've been told off by a Moderator for including 'personal' posts on this board, whereas I was under the impression that other people might be interested in any of the gossip re the deck (even the fact that Jeannette's given me my first peek at the deck's box). What are your feelings, all? I guess I can move the GT Gossip Board elsewhere if my posts aren't within guidelines here.