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just curious Kahtruman

When I preordered my deck from Amazon they said it would be at my home in or around the 5th of Nov. Did they tell you the same thing?


How annoying!

I have been advertising for months that Tarot Café will next month focus on Australian designed decks, hoping to show the Golden Tarot as one of the main beauties, and based on earlier information of its release. Oh well, I'll just have to mention it nonetheless :)

Anticipating owning a copy of this deck...


Hi Khatruman (and anyone else interested in release info),

Sure, let me know if you have any troubles with Amazon. They get their stock through the two biggest US book distributors (in fact, your deck/book HAS to be distributed by the two biggest distributors to get on Amazon proper) - so perhaps they had trouble actually getting hold of those other decks you mentioned? If you *do* have trouble getting your Golden Tarot order, let me know and I can at least try to follow it up.

In the past few days, I've been told by US Games that it's currently with the printers - I think in Belgium? Because of the quality - gilt edges etc - it gets done there, as they're supposed to be the best in the world at that kinda thing. Slows down the process a bit, but should be worth the wait. If all goes well with the printing there, that means it should land back with US Games in 2-3 weeks. How quickly the distribution process happens after that is a mystery to me, since this is the first time I've been through this process.

Remember that if you want to buy a signed copy, you can ask for that through Tarot Garden. Will mean a slightly longer wait of course, as I'm in Australia and have to get the cards to sign and return them. If you want them personally dedicated (eg "to John") then it will mean a bit longer but I'm happy to do that if Jeanette is too. All is negotiable!

In the past week I've seen pics of the final box, book cover etc, and I'm happy as a pig in mud. It looks gorgeous. The version that appeared in US Games Catalog a few months back looked OK, but I didn't really like the reddish brown colour used for the box etc. Now it's a rich, deep blue, and they've changed the cover art to be the Queens (my personal favourites). I was speechless when I got a pic of the full set yesterday, looked a hundred times better than I could have imagined. I emailed US Games to say thank you to their Graphic Designer for doing such an amazing job. I think the box is nicer than the deck now, but hey I'm happy if people just buy it for the box ;)

Also I can confirm that the "booklet" (small format to fit in the box with the cards) is actually 198 pages and contains ALL source referencing for the deck. Yippee! So if you want to do a Golden Tarot Tour of Europe, you'll know where to look for all the paintings that I used to make the deck. There are a couple of thousand elements in the whole deck, though, so that might be quite a long tour!


Re: just curious Kahtruman

lark said:
When I preordered my deck from Amazon they said it would be at my home in or around the 5th of Nov. Did they tell you the same thing?
If that is the delivery estimate on the automated response message, then definitely don't go by it. My order for the Leonardo Da Vinci deck had a delivery estimate of August 18th, up until the time they finally delivered it to me in October!!!


Thanks Khatruman

Guess I'll stop holding my breath.


Quite Nice Things

US Games asked me to hold off developing merchandise etc until 'close to the release date' - so I've decided now is the time.

I'd love to hear which cards you think would look best on a t-shirt, mug etc.

I've started with the Queens and High Priestess, as they're my favourites. The Lovers are on his-and-hers underwear (my partner's suggestion). I'm thinking maybe the Magician for mens t-shirts and the Sun for baby bibs/creepers. The Devil, with it's fiery Hades scene might make an amusing BBQ apron but then that might offend people - too cheeky do you think?

Any suggestions welcomed! At this stage I can't afford a commercial-level Cafe Press store, so it will only be one image available per product. Hence the need to be selective about which images I use.

The Major cards are at: and you can get to the rest of the deck from there easily enough.

The shop with items available so far is at:


How about the Wheel of Fortune... or the Moon from version 1?

For the merchandising, does it need to be restricted to version 2?


I would like a big oversized tee shirt with the moon card on for sleepy time. Love that moon card!


Golden Tarot by Cat Black

I was wondering... did anyone recieve their Golden Tarot deck yet? I ordered mine through Amazon, and it has yet to be shipped out. Was I correct to think it was supposed to be available by November?


Ooh... heh... I'm new to this forum, and I suppose I was looking at the wrong end. I guess I should be reading this end first. Anyhoo! Cary on!


Welcome AutumnMyrrh

I ordered mine through Kats site via Amazon. I haven't heard anything yet. Sat. i got the US Games new catalog it's in there. They say it's for sale in October. So we should be hearing any day now! I can't wait. Namaste