Golden Tarot


Thanks, Kat, for the comforting words.

Is there already a date fixed when the full deck will be released?


Still a mystery

I haven't been given an estimated release date by US Games yet, and I'm too chicken to ask them :)

They told me it usually takes about a year from when I hand the deck over - would mean mid-2003. I suppose it depends how much editing they think it needs.

I'll keep everyone updated at the site and also here.


I didn't realize you were going to do a book as well Kat. My favourite decks all have books and I'm very keen on getting all the artist's information and references to each card. Particularly with this kind of deck which is packed with artists that are not as well known generally. Great, now I'm even keener!

Also, I believe that Tarot Garden usually offers a pre-publication discount on decks so that's another good incentive to order through them. I am in Canada and don't use a credit card but I believe they allow payment by cheque or money order which makes it easier for those out of the U.S.

Isn't it great to have the support of the Tarot community? I have met some wonderfully supportive creative people myself, and it makes such a difference to feel that people are behind you, and it lifts you up when their kindness is extended toward you. It's a lovely community.



This deck is wonderful!!! I can 't wait for it will you be letting us know when it is real out?


I haven't had much luck finding a medieval/Renaissance style deck that I really like...but I have just solved that problem. :)

-- Kyrielle


Kat -

What an AMAZING deck :D I might have to buy two: one for readings and meditation, and one so that I can frame them and put them on the wall!



what a lovely deck. it has that renaissance feel to it. and it's rather nice to hear from success stories such as yourself, more so as you've gone past the piracy thing. good luck to you and your deck. :)


As I mentioned in a previous thread in which this deck is mentioned, I too am anticipating its release - great to see your work!


Well, Kat, I think congratulations are in order! You really have reated a loely deck there. It is unusual fopr me to lie decks wich use medieval/renaissance artwork, but your one seems to have something different to it. I think it's the way you've taken the medieval images, bt put them into modern interpretations of the Tarot. I parcularly like that you've done illustrated Minors.

I am now adding this deck to my wishlist, cuz it really is absolute treasure.

Thankyou for creating it!



Dear Kat,

I was just looking at tarottotes last night. I noticed a beautiful bag and thought, I really need a lovely medieval ancient looking deck for this bag, too bad I don't have one... and then through the Law of Synchronicity (which I am beginning to believe is Greater than Murphy's *G*) I found this thread. Oh wow. Just amazing and lovely... and I also found it amusing that your quote from Hamlet in your signiture line is the quote I use under my signiture at Comparative Tarot and also in my bio at my online journal... I think that quote just sums it all up - LOL. And also, I am no computer tech, but I have viewed a lot of websites and I REALLY like the layout of yours - it is visually lovely, geometrically pleasing, and very easy to navigate. LOL... I'll think I'll stop now or I'll start sounding like a creepy fan. *G*