goldnchyl to vanbc1963


I just saw that I will be doing your reading. I'm working over the next couple of days but I will have it done within the next 3 to 4 days. I'm looking forward to it.

Is there anything specific you would like me to focus on?


Nothing special... Just see where it goes... Many thanks, Rob


Reading for you

1. Where I am now – Honesty
You are highly creative and desire to express your creativity in a powerful way. At this time, you may be questioning your ability or the effect you have in your environment. This is not a time for sugar-coating in your communications with others. Your true compassionate nature will prevent you from ruffling anyone’s feathers as you center yourself and come from a firm base of love in expressing your needs or concerns. Before you take offense from another’s words or actions, be clear that you are both on the same page and that a difference in understanding or perspective of the situation is not the problem.

2. Where I want to be – Geeeeeooo the Slow
Perhaps you desire patience. The ability to take your time and wait for the results you want. To truly experience each moment and drink in all that this moment has for you is a blessing. Enjoy this moment and trust that all is unfolding perfectly. All is well right now. The transformation that is occurring for you now requires time so that your wonderful, beautiful self can manifest fully in the world. And while you have always known of the contribution you have for this world, there is a honing of skills taking place during this time.

3. What should I take from my past? – Solus
You have shown yourself to be very capable and self-sufficient in the past. Now, you may be hesitant to ask for help but even though you are wise and have an abundance of abilities, you can lessen any stress by reaching out to others, even those in the other worlds. Connections with other like-minds will support you greatly during this transformative time. Remember past metamorphoses and the amazing creations you manifested and bring that confidence to the now. Trust what you have learned and are learning and share your knowledge with others.

4. What should I leave behind? – The Laume
Unconditional giving is great, but casting ones pearls to swine, so to speak, can leave one feeling drained and resentful. Before giving freely of yourself, make sure the object of your giving is worthy. It may also be a time for you to heal past hurts so that you are able to open up again and share love and intimacy.

5. What should I anticipate and plan for? – Soul Shrinker
You are a lightworker and have been very hard on yourself recently. The critical thoughts, words, or deeds of others have eroded your faith in yourself. Use every tool at your disposal (your support spans the universe) to remember who you are. Trust what you know to be truly you and trust that you CAN manifest your desires in this lifetime. The universe conspires to shower blessings upon you. Know that and watch your thoughts and words, particularly towards your feelings about yourself. Prepare for the shedding of old, useless skin and to reveal your beautiful nature to all.

6. How my past experience can help me in the future? - Bodacious Bodach
Gossip is never productive and it always falls back on the gossiper somehow. Sometimes we convince ourselves that our words or actions are intended for the best but oftentimes, they only stem from our own insecurities. We can even get in the habit of negative thoughts and words, especially when we’ve developed relationships based on them. Learn from any past confusion caused by careless conversations or actions. Remember to think things through before implementing action. Keep your thoughts, words and deeds in order by centering yourself first before acting. Even the best of intentions will cause problems if not considered fully, from a holistic, circumspective base rather than a self-centered one.

I feel that you are going through some inner turmoil at this time. You know who you are but maybe certain events have caused some confusion. I sense that you are being called to action in some way that is unfamiliar to you and you may fall back on old habits that cannot support you now. Be courageous and trust that the faeries and all celestial guides, angels, whatever you’re familiar with, has your back and you’re ready for the task at hand.


Please remember

This is the first time I've read for anyone with this deck. I hope it speaks to you.


Very Accurate -

Hi Goldnchyl,
you are pretty well spot on in much of your reading. I am going through some positive but tumultuous times. You advice is well received and your depth is appreciated. I especially like the tone of your reading - you've made everythign very positive without neglecting the dark balance. Many thanks, I trully value your input.


Hi Van,

I really appreciate your feedback. I'm glad that the reading held something of value for you. If you wouldn't mind, could you be a little more specific about what worked for you so that I can understand more about how I'm reading the cards? You know, so I can learn more about how to interact with this deck? When you have time. Thx


Hi vanbc1963,

Feedback is expected in reading circles in a certain amount of detail. Please check some of the other threads to see the format.



I'm in a fairly tumultuous position and going slow is definately a good goal for the near future. I also feel that gossip has held me back a bit - and my willingness to let others opinion of myself materr - when really it shouldn't. I have had to draw on my own resources and soldiered on alone in the past - a lot of your reading is very accurate.



Thanks Rob