Good-bye to my Faeries (for now)...


I've had to pack up my Faeries, because I'm moving...
I had to choose the decks I'm willing to travel with, and put the rest in storage.
Ultimately, I chose decks that I can read with, without consulting a book.
I'm still learning to read my FO without the book, so that study will have to be on hold for now. :(
I don't think the Faeries actually go, just because I put them in their box, do they?
I can't help but believe that, no matter what decks or other stuff we use to commune with Otherworldly Powers, They still remain long after all that stuff is put away.
Maybe even especially after the stuff is tucked away and we are minding our own affairs...when we least expect them to show up!
I'll keep you posted...

Shadow Wolf

How long will they be in storage ??

I just got my deck, so I'm certainly no expert, but I would think that once the fairies come into your life they are always there when need them.

I'm sure they know how much you love them and would not abandon you just because they have to be in storage for a while.

They may not like you for a while, after you get them out storage,
but I don't think they would leave altogether !!!!

Where are you moving to ??