Good websites on gem meanings


I thought we could have a second sticky on websites that folks have found to be good on stone meanings.



Ozark Rock Exchange

I've found good information on the ozark rock exchange site. Her archives are listed alphabetically and she seems to have done a lot of research. She gives the history, hardness and healing and spiritual qualities of over 100 gems and stones. also prints a free ezine. Hh

Is this it Horace?


Found this great website the other day......

This is a sticky for websites on meanings and this site has that and soo much more.....

The person that has this site also published at least one book on Crystals/Gems.


I enjoy all the pictures and detail on this site

I was looking for information about smoky quartz and was impressed by the variety of pictures and the index of many other stones/minerals...

Hope it's helpful.