Got my new deck!


I've been reading some posts about the faeries and how communicative they are, and I just have to wonder if it'll "happen" to me. I don't know how to "meditate" really, so I need to work on that, and, well, the centering, grounding, etc. too.

All of you make them sound as if you call them up on the phone as you would a friend, invite over for coffee, and have some laughs. I mean, this IS a deck of cards we're talking about. lol

Although I believe in other realms, I never knew us humans could interact with them, and yet it sounds so easy. Why isn't this more well-known?

I just started posting and have a lot to learn! Thanks for teaching me!! :)


Hi there,

Congratulations! The fae have a way of opening up a whole different world, if you all them!

Hope you enjoy playing with your new found friends!


Welcome to the Faeries Oracacle Study Group High Priestess, it is great to have you here.

At the risk of sounding completly insane, the answer to your question is no ... this is not just a deck of cards, and we don't need a phone to call them, once you connect with them you have to almost beat them off with a stick *LOL*. If you do connect with them and then choose to ignore them then they will hide stuff from you. If you do not really believe in them it will take longer to hear and feel them. If you are not open to not believing in them then you might never hear them.

Don't worry about meditation and grounding and all that stuff right now. Just PLAY with your faeries. That is what they like and are most attracted to. Do the exercises at the front of the book without looking up any meanings, including dancing and singing with them ... and yes those are very awkward exercises that make you feel really stupid but do help. Let the faeries speak to you and tell you who they are. No matter how silly you feel, just go with the flow and know that we all thought we were crazy at one point to when we started hearing little voices in our heads, and admitting that to others was not an option. Then time passes and you can give a rats patootty what anyone thinks *LOL*.

Why is it not more common for people to know we can connect to other realms? well because our societal norms say that if we cannot scientifically prove it then it does not exist ... well unless you are a formal religion that is. But as we grow up we are tought not to believe, and to conform. You will have to break down those barriers by being open and reconditioning yourself. Get back in touch with your inner child. All you need is an open mind and an open heart.

After completing the exercises in the book I started drawing a "Faerie companion and guide for the day". I have now been doing that for around 6 years *LOL*. That is how I got to know mine, the book and daily interaction. When I do something creative I always ask "who would like to join me in this ____________", draw a faerie and talk to the card about what we are trying to achieve, and then one day it started talking back in my head ... It took a while, it was not immediate.

Hope to see you around!!!


Thanks, Satinangel and Jewel

Jewel, as you were posting, I was busy singing and dancing with the Singers, the gatekeeper and Unity. Indeed, I did feel silly. BUT, in my song, I came up with my faery guide's name: Jacqua! Remember that song (sounds like) Faery Jacka Faery Jacka? LOL It just started coming out, and BINGO!, that's the name. Haven't figured out yet if that's a male or female.

I sat afterward and tried to meditate for 10 minutes. When I say 'tried,' I guess I DID meditate, cuz I was very relaxed. Guess that's what meditation is? <shrug>

Oh I can't wait to hear voices inside my head! ROFLMAO!! I'm very open-minded (and open-hearted) to this, I'm just so surprised that it REALLY will happen! I've been totally clueless to the otherworld(s). Did they say their name, and now do you recognize who it is that's talking to you? Do the names match what's on the cards or are they different?

When you select a daily Companion, do you take the fae along with you everywhere? (i.e., errands, shopping, etc.) or place him/her upon, say, the mantel for the day?

I hope I'm in the right place to post all my questions. I *AM* my own way at the moment! LOL


You are ABSOLUTLY in the right place *LOL*

Glad you had fun singing and dancing with the Singers no less!!! :D That is great that your faerie guide has already spoken his/her name. Perhaps over time as he/she reveals more to you about itself you will learn if it is male or female ~giggles~ They love playing games so don't be surprised if your guide just strings you a long for a while *LOL*.

My guide has revealed her form, did so a long time ago, but has never told me her name. She is a mermaid ... no big surprise if you know me *LOL*.

I don't only take my daily companion with me everywhere, I have been carrying the deck with me EVERYWHERE since I got it (5+ years ago). I even took them to Mexico on my Honeymoon *LOL*. It lives in my purse during the day, and on my nightstand at night. My Faerie Guide is placed in a picture frame right here by my computer at work each day, and on weekends is propped against my lamp in my room.

The Faeries have not been very forthcoming with their names to me, I just call them by the card name, and they call me Jewel they do not acknowledge my "real" name, they always correct me when I try to correct them ... so Jewel it is *LOL*. I can recognize them by their energy, personality and attitude, pretty much like you recognize people really. Sometimes they tell me "Its Soul Shrinker", but for the most part they just hum and buz. The more time you spend with them, like with people, the easier they become to recognize. Typically though I interact with my companion of the day the most, with an ocassional appearance of another faerie ... unless I am on this board at which time I can feel them all looking over my shoulder to see what everyone is saying.

When I go out to do yard work (which is rare for me) I always ask who would like to come along and help me and pick a card. I leave the card propped by my card of the day as I don't want to get it dirty. But I can use all the help I can in the yard *LOL*. So just incorporate them in your activities and ask one to come along and get to know him/her. Talk to him/her. They may or may not respond, and on occassion someone else may come instead. Soul Shrinker is a great friend of mine for example and sometimes he just likes to come along. He started out being my least favorite card ... long story posted elswhere on these boards *LOL*.

Just keep playing, enjoying and sharing. We have threads on all the various cards, but for now form your own associations and relationship with them. Remember, there is no right or wrong way.

If you love the deck you might enjoy Brian Frouds books. Good Faeries/Bad Faeries is excellent and has many of the faeries from the deck in it. Large colored pretty pictures *LOL*. He also has a book called Faeries, and several others. Goblins is a hoot! That book totally cracks me up, and The Runes of Elfland is also really nice. The artwork in all of them is fantastic.

HighPriestesss let's say you're out in the garden pulling weeds or planting sunflower seeds and a neighbor strolls on over to borrow a cup of sugar...spots your companion & helper and can't help but ask...what do you say?

The faes won't mind being inside a dark purse? (As long as they're along, they're happy?)

Do they ever talk to you in your sleep? (not necessarily dreaming) Like, play tricks that would startle you and make you instantly wake up?

I looked at your profile...MY what a large collection you have!! That's awesome!! I'm both envious and flattered!


I just wanted to post to say how much Ive enjoyed reading this thread.

Congrats HighPriestess on your new faeries!

I find the best way to connect with the fae is by using the deck as much as possible. Even by just asking a simple question and drawing only one card, just as long as I get to commune with one fae.

Thanks for your posts too Jewel, I always love learning from you. :)


HighPriestesss said: let's say you're out in the garden pulling weeds or planting sunflower seeds and a neighbor strolls on over to borrow a cup of sugar...spots your companion & helper and can't help but ask...what do you say?
Well when I am outside or at work I just talk telepathically to my faerie companion(s), not out loud so I doubt that would come up. If they can SEE my compnaion then they are one up on me and we would definetly have a sit down talk *LOL*. I sense and hear the faeries, occassionally see a bright spot in the corner of my eye, but I have not had the pleasure (yet) to visually see one and be able to stare at it *LOL*.

My husband and a couple of really close friends (aside from my AT friends) are the only ones that know I believe in faeries and talk to them. My husband uses it against me when we fight (to tell me I am not balanced and live in a fantasy world *LOL*), but he does take their advice when it comes to the plants when I tell him .... and since he and I both know that I know nothing about plants I do tell him that "the faeries told me". And on occassion he will draw a faerie of the day ... very rarely and usually when two of our friends that like the deck do it he plays to. Secretly I think he does believe in them now, he just won't admit it *LOL*.

HighPriestesss said:
The faes won't mind being inside a dark purse? (As long as they're along, they're happy?)
Nope they don't mind at all. They live in a bag they have chosen and I carry that bag in my purse. There are a couple of threads about that too around here *LOL*.

HighPriestesss said:
Do they ever talk to you in your sleep? (not necessarily dreaming) Like, play tricks that would startle you and make you instantly wake up?
Not to my knowledge.

HighPriestesss said:
I looked at your profile...MY what a large collection you have!! That's awesome!! I'm both envious and flattered!
You sounded like Little Red Ridding Hood talking to the Big Bad Wolf there for a minute! ~giggles~ I am moving away from collecting really, so the list will get shorter over time. I am honored that you are flattered, but honestly I am simply another member of this study group and do not know more or less than anyone here. I just talk more than they do *ROFLMAO*. And I love making new members feel really welcome in hopes that they will stay and we can become friends :D It is not everyone you can talk to about faeries being real you know!


Thanks, Geministar!

I took them to the dentist yesterday (while driving in the car, it occurred to me they should've been strapped in! ROFL!) while my kids were there, reading my book in the lobby. I've read everything except for most of the descriptions. So now it's time to pick one a day and get to know them....

I was telling my daughters, 13 & 10, that the fae are like toddlers. I warned the kids not to leave homework laying around, jewelry, or even their ipods, as things will *go missing*! I haven't read up on The Retriever yet, but teased the kids they'll be getting to know him REAL well if they continue to leave their stuff laying around! LOL

My oldest daughter freaked when I mentioned I had read somewhere here it's suggested to leave food out for them!

Well don't mind me as I post random thoughts...I'm trying to get my post quota up to qualify entry into other boards!


Hi HP! Enjoy your new companions!! :D

They tend to get under your skin at times. I did several readings with them here of late, and they still have this habit of jumping out of the deck at me. Honest! It's a bit disconcerting at times. Just means that one has something really important to say!!

Put all previous thoughts and attitudes aside, and just be (somewhat guardedly) open to them. The Singers took me longer to connect with - but I think I've got it now. I had to take a long break before I could 'hear' them - and 'see' what they were doing and saying. Now I understand how much I missed my first go-round with this deck.

Anyway; Enjoy!
And keep posting away ~~ you'll hit 25 and 40 and 500 before you know it!!