Got the Sakki-Sakki tarot!!


MY Sakki-Sakki deck arrived yesterday - or the day before really, but I wasn't home to sign for it.
I'll copy what I wrote in my journal about it:

I LOVE it! It's very cheerful, the colours are perfect, and the art is enchanting, funny and mysterious. There are many of the usual RWS elements, so it's readable straight out of the box, but I think it has a lot of hidden depths as well; I'm really looking forward to the book, because I think this deck has a lot more symbolism then it appears at first sight.

The size and shape of it are perfect. I love those smallish, narrow cards; they're easy to shuffle, feel very friendly, and the narrowness of them adds to the 'tarot'-ness as well.
The coating is wonderful, too; very matte, which I love. Makes for great handling.
There are tiny little nubs on the cards from where they were cut, but that's not a problem; those tend to wear off by themselves, or I can take a nailfile to them.

Oh, and I love the borders, too! They almost blend in with the artwork, very unobtrusive, and the colours fit very well.

Even the LWB is one of the best of it's kind - making me even more eager for the book. The style of writing is very friendly and very clear.

M-Press, you really did a splendid job with these! I'm going to enjoy using them very much.
And as soon as I have some money available again, I'll have to get a backup deck, to keep pristine for the collection......:D

Although something about the organic quality of the artwork makes me think the cards will age very gracefully.


Mine arrived today as well!

I picked up my Sakki-Sakki from my post office box today & I also love it! I haven't had a chance to look through every card yet (I'm about two thirds of the way through) but so far I'm as much in love with it as I knew I would be.

I haven't ventured into the LWB yet (I always look through the cards first. Can anyone really restrain themselves that much?) but I plan to do that at the first opportunity as soon as I've finished looking through each card.

In the meantime, my impatience, while my family have my attention, will be killing me. :D


The Sakki-Sakki tarot is by the Sakki-Sakki artist:


Sakki-Sakki Artist

The Artist Card

The creative process for this deck has led me to an unending visual and philosophical discovery in which I have found the Artist in me and thus the 79th card “The Artist”. The Artist card is not traditionally a part of the Tarot, but a special addition to the Sakki-Sakki deck. This card comprises pieces from all the Major Arcana and serves to awake the Artist’s point of view—whether towards an artistic creation, or the crafting of one’s life. An Artist is everyone who wants to creatively to affect their life.



Oh finally!!!! You got it!!!
I guess I have missed that thread for a couple of days, and I wondering!!!

I'm so glad you like it!!! Hedera thanks for the detailed feedback!
I'm glad that you feel with it familiar but also see more. That was just my intenton... I'm in a 4 of Swords with the book, becasue all my time and energies go now to see how I can sell the deck. These two feed eachother...

Regarding the paper, well it's the best quality card stock paper, and yes, it will age wonderfully! It has 3 layers, the middle one with carbon, so you get that stiffness and flexibility together with thinness. That was one thing I didn't want to compromise about. The only problem with this paper though, or actually with the fact that it has matte finish and not a plastic coating, is that the cards were very sensitive when they were cut, and you can notice here and there some imperfections. I had to use small scissors to perfect 2 cards from my own deck, but you can't tell which!
These the things that one can never know , if you don't DO them! No prior advise can save you from these, only your own experience. I'm a professional designer, so this field is not new too me, but honestly, I think this is one of the most complex projects to make, also becasue of the amount of the cards! My printer thinks he run the marathon with this p[roject! He's so proud of himself!!!

Pre-order Goodies will ship on the 9th! It's according to my XXX theory, of spliting the joyful moments!

thank you!!! :)

edited to add: he..he... I'm not used to see my real name here...
i usually feel more at ease with Sakki-Sakki Artist. many people know me by that name. I guess it's one of the things you have to face when your work is released out there! ;)


I did my first daily spread with the deck yesterday - a bit too personal to share the contents here, but it was powerfull and funny.
This deck seems to have a strong mind of it's own!

I love how, in spite of being a clear RWS-style deck, it has such a unique voice. It really gives great new insights into the cards without having to learn a whole new 'system'.

Strangely enough, some of the less 'happy' cards (5 of Cups, 2 of Swords) turn out to be some of my favourites, from a visual point of view.
It also has the best Ace of Cups I've ever seen, and a perfect 6 of Swords and 8 of Cups (the two minors that are most important to me, for some reason).

M-Press, I can certainly understand you're busy with other things than the book right now. ;)
But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be 8 of Wands again soon! I do like your writing a lot, and from what I've read about some of the cards on your website, you have a great many interesting things to say about them.


I really, really take in your observations. They are just what I wanted to hear, without knowing it. .. thank you!
yes, the LWB took forever, and I'm glad you "approve"!

last night i discovered something new about the deck. Look at it where there is very little light (I had the CD player on-has bluish light) and you'll see another effect. Make sure to look at the back side as well... ;)


Oh, Sakki-Sakki, the cards are wonderful!!! I have just gone through them. I LOVE the graphics, the intensity of the colors, the absolutely PERFECT size, and the finish is sensuous with just the right amount of "drag."

Outstanding! And I'm so glad I bought 2 decks. This is a real treasure.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to say to me.


M-Press said:
last night i discovered something new about the deck. Look at it where there is very little light (I had the CD player on-has bluish light) and you'll see another effect. Make sure to look at the back side as well... ;)
Ohhh, you've got me wondering now. Damn! It's early morning here. Where's the night time when you need it? :D