Gothic fiction


I wanted to be sure our Gothic deck folks knew about Dark angel's current experiment, using this deck for her
Tarot Fiction thread.

I've often thought this deck would be great for use in storytelling. Maybe there's something "storyboard" about the content of Vargo's paintings....


I have to admit that, since I have the Gothic, I have been tempted to write some dark story. No real idea has come to me yet.


Ive always been intrested in dark writings. Most of my music is. But Ive been slowly gathering thoughts for a movie of that kind of nature.


You guys might be interested to know, if you didn't arlready, that there have been stories done and published based on Vargo's paintings. It was a project started by Vargo and he worked closely with the authors to make sure they all flow in one cohesive set of short stories. I really enjoyed it. Many of the paintings later became tarot cards.

Anyhow, it's called Tales from the Dark Tower and I recommend you guys check it out if you haven't done so.


Very true, gothicphoenixx... the Tales from the Dark Tower volume does explore some of the images we know from the deck.

And, there will be a bit more information very soon for Gothic Tarot fans, as the imminent release of Vargo's art book is upon us. I have an inside source who tells me that 56 of the 100 images discussed in the upcoming art book are ones also used in the Gothic Tarot deck. :D

Also for Gothic/Vargo lovers, another juicy insider detail... there may just be a sequel to the first Dark Tower book in the works from the Monolith Graphics folks as well! :D :D Let's all keep our fingers crossed!


Wow! And I just received my copy of The tales of the dark tower!


That excites me.
His book, in fact, I like because of the collaboration aspect. I once had a story going with some friends via a freeopendiary. Unfortunately, when we all had things come up at once and couldn't write, it ended up 'archived' (ie-deleted). Since, we've lost contact with a couple of the writers, and most of us only saved scenes involving our own characters. It would be awesome to publish it if we finished it, and this proves that it would work (it's sort of a dark story as well), but I doubt we could pull it off quite the same way given people are missing.

At some point, I might use what I have on my own. (Basically, one person started this and then people applied with unique characters and an opening scene), but I'd have to change thngs about it that belong to the original creator, or that involved other people. And my character kind of grew into being meant for this story, so it kind of makes me sad.

But I'm babbling.