Graphics Forum


I couldn't think of an appropriate place to post this on Aeclectic, but I figured it would fit best here since many tarot artists use digital programs for both cards and web sites. Just in case you want to get information or ask questions about graphics software and new releases without joining 50 mailing lists.

I found a graphics forum that's only been around for 6 weeks or so. It's set up like this board, so you should feel comfortable posting, and they have topics on all the major graphics programs, including a new one for Painter.

Painter 8 was recently released, and Paint Shop Pro 8 is still in public beta testing but should be out sometime this year. Sounds good, they've rebuilt it from scratch. There is also a forum for those of us dedicated to Photoshop. They've even got a forum for typography which is neat.


Thanks. I My Faved it and shall enjoy exploring the site! :)