I'm soooo happy. I've wanted this deck since last December, but my husband got mixed up and got the Fairy Ring instead. Last weekend these Faeries were at the bookstore screaming for me to take them home....but I ignored them and bought a book instead. Totally got nothing out of the book, and couldn't stop thinking about the Faeries...luckily I was able to exchange the book for the deck. We are all very happy together!

She Who Watches


oh awesome, we need some fresh fae in here! Don't forget to post your favorite/least favorite, and universal card, and anything else you'd like to share. We love faery tales around here! Congratulations to you and your fae, I adore mine and take them everywhere with me. Lots of fun to you and your fae...

Oh and, btw, be weary of sleeping with the fae...hehehe....I've done this on a number of occasions, and every time, I have wacky dreams about faeries.



Welcome, She who Watches

I'm another lover of Froud's Faeries -- I collect decks and don't "light" on one for long, but those Faeries call to me quite often and never disappoint. Welcome to this area of Aeclectic!


Okay, well the first night we were together, I was going thru and putting the cards in their piles and so on, and when I got to the Dark Lady it was like she made me stare at her and merge into her. I like her, so it wasn't unpleasurable...and it probably didn't last very long time-wise, but it sure branded her on my mind's eye! I can see her very clearly, even now at work.

So, yesterday morning I'm getting ready to go to work, and they were in their box (I don't have a spare bag at the moment)...they wanted to go to work with me, so I had to change from my small purse to a big backpack. That was fine, I obliged. Then I'm working and they want to get out of the backpack! Too funny.

Then, last night I was just shuffling them and was going to pull one before I went to bed. I flipped the whole deck over and saw Epona's Wild Daughter but since I had cheated I put her back in and shuffled some more and then pulled...Epona's Wild Daughter.
Point taken!

My children also love the deck and have asked to pick one each morning. It's so good to be here!

She who Watches

Little Baron

Enjoy your faeries. Hope to do some more work with them soon myself.

Best wishes