Grimaud Tarot de Marseille

Essence of Winter

This is my second Tarot de Marseille. I think it dates back to the '70s; it's the edition in a large white box with English titles on the cards. In fact, these are the images from the auction:$_57.JPG$_57.JPG

It's a nice deck. I was surprised at how thick the cards are - it makes shuffling a bit more challenging and might not be the best deck for people with small hands but they are unlikely to bend. The cards are quite large as well.

I'm not sure I'll collect many Marseille tarots but I did want one that has traditional colouring to go along with my Fournier deck.


Congratulations! This is a great deck, and I hope you'll enjoy working with it. :thumbsup:


I like the bold lines and card stock of this deck. I don't like the dark dark blue used in the color scheme, used on hair oddly.


I might call this my most favourite deck ever. Time and time again I go back to it.