Grip and LB's New Orleans Voodoo Exercise Readings

Little Baron

This is a thread for small readings and their discussion, using the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot.

Anyone is welcome to either contribute or comment.

Our first short reading will be using the first sixteen cards that we have studied. just a short Body, Mind and Spirit read with the aces, twos, threes and fours. There are other threads discussing what we think the cards mean, which has lead to this one.


Little Baron

Ok. It is gonna be a short one, as bed calls and I have my aching leg to rest before going back to work tomorrow :(

I drew Nan Nan Bouclou La Flambeau, Oludumare, Olofi

Firstly, I just want to say that I havn't used the deck for a few days and it was really refreshing to see these images. Regardless of what some say, with that eye in the middle and the flow of purple throughout, they did look very pretty.

I have to say that the first one confuses me a little. I can see, over all, that change is pertimnant, with the two '2's' showing up. And in my body, there is change. I had a fall the other week. I could not walk at all after the injury. Then I was on crutches. And today, ten days later, was my first trip out. It took me three times as long as my parents to get anywhere with my limp, but I got some exercise. Even if it is aching like hell now. So, on a surface level, my body has been through change and is going through more as I mend. It is all a bit misdirected, like that fire, as I try to make it from A to B. Best I can do with that card, even though I do think that change is taking place on a bigger scale too. I am considering what I put into my body more at the moment. I am taking an indefinite break from alcohol.

In the mind, I think I get Olodumare. Things are beginning afresh, mentally. Birth to new ideas and ways. Some remorse for past situations, but looking forward.

Spirit is being nurtured. I see two things. I see the birth of a new and healthier spirit in that globe. And I also see myself protecting it too as it has been damaged in recent times.

I see transformation and a move on from more sorrowfultimes in these cards.



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Little Baron

Thanks Sulis. I didn't actually mean to put it in Personal Readings. I thought that we were not allowed to discuss reads in Study Groups.

Well, if this is where it is to stay, thats fine by me. Thanks for sorting it.


Grip Dellabonte

Okay, here's mine. Wow! Our first card was the same!

BODY: 2 of Fire (Petro) Nan Nan Bouclou La Flambeau
- In my case, I think this has to do with the fact that my sister, my two daughters and myself are all trying to lose weight. We know what we have to do but other than my youngest, none of us have any discipline. I think that this card was telling me that I have to lead by example. I am the person with the flaming blowgun. When the others see that I am sticking to our task and losing weight, they will get inspired and encouraged, and they will take off.
I have two choices: stay stuck or get moving. And by my getting moving, the others get moving, too.

By the way, I am so sorry you're in so much pain. How are you going to get to work?!
It is interesting to note that your fire appears as scattered to you and mine appears as focused. I like that! Well...not that your energy is scattered but that we came up with the same card and it affected us each in a different way....
Good luck with the alcohol. I keep trying to do the same thing, but I do so like a nice glass of wine...

I had two fours.

MIND: 4 of Water (Congo) La Baleine
(I think I was destined to get her just because I implied yesterday that she was a tad sappy!). I think she is telling me that this is the phase I am going through right now - that of being a mother. My kids come first always, but now that one is almost 16 and one is almost 20, I think my husband would like me to loosen up the reins a bit more for their good - and of course, his. He gets a little resentful sometimes that he is third on the list. So maybe it's time for me to address that.
Plus, I also think I am a bit of a raw nerve right now as well, though I don't know why. Seems like I bark too easily at people these days....overly sensitive...

SPIRIT: 4 of AIR (Rada) Agwe

Phew! The nice, breezy, calming card of Agwe! Well, whatever I'm experiencing it's not that bad and it's not worries are not as bad as I thnk they are, and they will pass.

What do you think? I like your cards, but I think Olofi would be hard for me to read....maybe not. We'll have to see if she ever turns up for me, and where....

Grip Dellabonte

Hey, Grip! How are you?
I'm fine, Grip. How are YOU doing?
I'm just great, too!
Listen, I was wanna do another 3 card spread so you don't get rusty?
Sure! Why not? What do you suggest?
Well...let's use the same 16 cards and do a Head, Heart, Hand spread that you found in the Spreads thread.
Cool! I like that!
Okay, here goes....
Oh, my!

Head: you pulled Guedeh La Flambeau
Heart: Obatala
Hand: Nan Nan Bouclou La Flambeau

Hmmm.....not in a mood to sit still today, it looks like. Not one of my favorite cards (GLF). Plus, I don't really get the three's that well....Obatala is flanked by fire.

I think it may be easier to do the cards as a group of three today instead of breaking them down individually.

I would say that the energies of Nan Nan Bouclou La Flambeau will be all over the place today - possibly starting many things and not finishing them because Guedeh La Flambeau wants to move, doesn't want to sit still. But Obatala is calming, and I think that card is telling me to slow down and take it easy...don't let all the scattered energy take over....just be patient.
It is Mother's Day, after all. It is a day when others get to be in control. Let them take over, and just relax.

Okay, Grip! Actually that sounds like a good idea. You may have something there. Think I will take it easy today. Nothing but footie all morning anyway. Starting with Man Utd lifting the trophy again - yes!

Then, a bit of gardening maybe...

Little Baron

Hi Grip.

I totally missed your reading somehow.

But just read it, and yes, I also like how we associate the same cards with different things. I can see how that first card could suggest you taking the lead to inspire others. It might show how others are also quite impressionable around you, and that your focus is recognised :)

I see the fours to speak about security and stability. And at the same time, they can look at what you might neglect giving your attention too. I can almost hear that whale calling out.

But in terms of your kids and loosening up, La Beliene may be reminding you to trust; even if it does only feel natural to keep your cave open to them. I think that they probably know that your comfort and security will always be there.

Agwe feels like a lovely card to get for spirit. I think that it shows contentment and lack of fear. To appreciate your journey on the ocean and know that you and your loved ones are protected. It sets your spirit at rest and throws off any baggage or clutter - another four.

I also liked your other read, too. It does seem as though you need to embrace relaxation and peace. Surrounded by all that fire, you may be a passifier between two others or you may be advising people to slow down a little bit. The three cards, to me, seem as though they are suggesting either you or someone around you stops 'over-doing' it. As it is Mothering Sunday, Happy Mothers Day and put your feet up with a glass of wine, like dear old Obatala!

Still on crutches here. Still painful to walk unaided. I have a two-and-a-bit hour journey to work every day. It hasn't been too bad, but I have to go through the underground system, which is bad enough at peak time, even if you are not on crutches.
But people in the public have been very nice. Handsome men have been smiling and lovely passengers have been giving me their seats. So not all bad ;)


Grip Dellabonte

I hope some of those handsome men gave up a seat or two for you! A man on crutches...or even just hobbling along....I would give up my seat for you! That must have been one nasty fall. I hope this doesn't sound too awfully daft, but the only thing I can do from here is visualize the painful spots bathed in healing white light. You know the mind's a powerful beast! I hope it helps.
The fam and I will be on that selfsame underground in a few months' time - we can't wait! We miss England like you wouldn't believe. No, we're not from there; we are all California born and raised (except for the Guatemalan bear I married), but everybody in my family has felt a connection, and the only other time we were there we didn't want to come home.
You picked up on some things on both readings that really rang true. I hope I'm as perceptive as you are at this one of these days. It was pretty interesting.
That danged whale! I hadn't seen that but you are right...I need to trust them more. They have good instincts and aren't as absent-minded as I think they are.
I think I'm the one over-doing's just habitual - you do it because you always have.
But today I am taking your advice. Obatala and I are going to go put our feet up! Thanks for the good wishes.
It is getting close to your bedtime, so I will say goodnight. I hope you had a relaxing weekend as well, and remember, white light is being sent your way!

Little Baron

Aww .. thanks Grip.

I think that whale symbolises a lot in your read. I think you can see it as your husband, like you did. I also think that it is trusting in your kids. But I think there is also an element of, in giving them a bit of release, showing that the door is always still open for them to return to - striking some kind of balance. The whale is still vulnerable, above the water, and her mouth is open. It is trusting your own judgement, as much as anything else, however much it terrifies you to let them go and leaves you feeling a little lost and insecure. The kids will, of course, need to return, however big they get. I am back living with my parents at the moment and I am 35. And I think the open mouth suggests a safe place that they can always return to. La Beleine, Agwe and La Sirene are all kind of connected. I think that Agwe is letting La Beliene know that she need not worry too much.

I am glad that you hosed down all that fire a bit today. And let the water soak you. Some of the fiery cards in this deck do feel a little intense and I think they can burn out pretty quickly if not mixed with the other elements in reads. For example, I think that Ayida Wedo can temper Damballah la Flambeau - cool down his temper in aggrivated situations. In your read, I think Obatala puts some of it out. He calms those dancers to a more gentle waltz. Which is what you needed. He is the patron of peace, so maybe a little peace and quiet was what you needed ;)


Grip Dellabonte

Well, I was going to try and cut and paste quotes like you "pros" do, but I don't know how! Plus the whole quote was good, so I couldn't cut it.

My eldest cooked dinner for my sister and me and gave us a Personal Spa Day, so we definitely relaxed. My youngest bought me Pirates of the Caribbean II, then promptly took it upstairs and watched it by herself. HA!

I feel like I'm playing hooky - I notice you're in the Chat room. I thought you were at work today, so I didn't do any "homework". Should I be reading the Fives yet?