grounding and centering before reading



I have been working on meditation before reading and feel great afterwards. The only problem is that the week I started it I have broke my microwave, telephone, car transmission, (when that was fixed) Car speakers, and my washing
machine. All in one week. I have suspended the meditation and nothing has broken since. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any ideas what I could to to stop it? It may be just coincidence but don't think I will use my hair dryer after meditation any time soon on the off chance :)

Any help would be appreciated


Hi Samantha,

Guess you built up a very strong energy field during your meditation. Would you like to try out an earthing ritual before starting your next meditation? Maybe this would help.

Or try to buildt a pentacle /magic circle around you before starting the meditation.


Dolphingirl: I know how unsettling that can be.
Practice not only grounding & centering, but ungrounding as well--these processes can be compared to the physical warm-up exercises before actively engaging in any exercising followed by the cooling-down period. The idea is to "disengage".
Part of how I unground involves using the energy raised in directing it as sending healing to others. Followed by washing up--may be as simple as washing the face & hands or a shower; &/or going outdoors & shuffling my feet through the yard; to the beach & walking through sand &/or the salt ocean water at the shoreline.
I've gone through periods of "breaking" household appliances in quick succession; personal watches & clocks stopping & resuming their rhythm. I was told such things happen in 3's, but it was more than 3 items at a time! Hubby is philosophical about it--said I'm hard on mechanical things & they "just happened" to all break down at the same time. He usually finds some reasonable explanation for himself, if not for me :D My mother has her own ideas--don't mothers always?
Am not sure if I should wish you Luck :)


[1]WARNING: People with no sense of humor should ignore this post completely. The poster is in no way responsible for bruised psyches caused by a tendency to take everything about tarot serious to the Nth degree[/1]


Perhaps I've found your problem. In the Merrium Webster 28435th Edition Unabridged Reverse-lookup Dictionary, I found the following obscure definition of meditation

Meditation (med i ta shun) v.
32. Swinging a sledge hammer wildly around one's place of residence.


ROTFLMAO! :D :p ! My sense of humour must be in high gear today Mojo. And may I just say that was done with much more panache than in the past! :p .


Hey, swinging a virtual hammer may not be so far off the mark! Some folk do have high energy fields around them - my partner has a reputation for breaking electrical items by just walking past them and is used as an "unofficial" tester of equipment in his vicinity. Lights go off, CD trays slide open, radios crack up, it's quite funny sometimes. We walked into Truro Cathedral not long ago and they had a power cut - putting paid to an organ recital. Oops - back out quietly on tiptoe...
He grounds by deep breathing exercises and relaxing with a drink, although we have discussed previously that alcohol and reading don't mix. Just anything to relax.


people say I have a glow about me! Now What :) I went into a dark room just to check :) Did try my meditation again for the first time since problems started and blew out two light bulbs. ARGH! Guess it is my magnetic personality. Serious now, I would love any meditation tecniques or spells that anyone thinks could help. always open to new posibilities.


you know, especially lately i've found that my energy field has been turned up a bit. i set off metal detectors with no metal on my body, lightbulbs burn out two at a time, incense and candles seem to burn quicker, and my computer's been acting a little weird. on the up side, i seem to be getting better gas milage...
luv and light,


Mojo: I like the nifty "disclaimer" :D
There are current astrological configurations that can contribute to a more intense reaction, depending on the person. Thus far, this is supposed to especially affect those born in the latter part of the last century.
We have to frequently replace lightbulbs--at least 2 or more tend to burn out at the same time in different areas of the house, even popping like mini fireworks. We've tried different brands & it makes no difference. I was told it's because they only have x number of hours built into them--but after a couple of weeks? It's not like they're on 24/7. Maybe it's the presence of teenagers, too--
Dolphingirl: It was a nuisance but for a while, I unplugged every appliance I possibly could, including the microwave (yep, that mysteriously went dead & had to be replaced) but not the frig or clocks...
On the premise you may have "excess" energy, how about directing the "excess" energy into the ground before meditating (that is, before raising more)?


Okay, I am feeling WAYYYY out of my league here! No I don't need a sledgehammer to break things, (I tend to be on the clumsy side) but I certainly can't do it with my mind/energy field. Hell, I can't even shut my mind up long enough to meditate! (Any tips there?) Wouldn't it be great to harness and control that kind of energy though? Mother in law calls....OOPS! the phone goes dead! Hubby flipping between the History Channel and ESPN......BAM the remote quits working! Don't feel like cooking....Gee Honey, I don't know what is wrong with the stove, guess we're eating out! Now, I know that we are not supposed to abuse such powers and gifts, but come on...admit would be handy! :-D