Guide card


My faery guide experience

I am so excited to share! -deep breath- Okay.
I haven't had my deck very long, there are some faeries in it I haven't even gotten to know more than passing glances, but I asked for my faery guide and it was revealed to me. I meditated to a trance (with some chamomile tea) and drew my guide. It isn't a very detailed drawing and I can't really draw to begin with, let alone in an unfocused trance. It has an acorn hat and a tail with a little furry ball on the end. Its hands were in the air with swirls and bubbles of energy above it. Sometimes it appears quite childish, except when it wants to appear more mature. I was thinking it was probably a female, but then I thought about it, and I realised I wasn't so sure. So I pondered...then a few nights later I had a vision. Very lucid and clearly my faery guide looked up at me with very human features and looked downright pee'ed off at me. It didn't say anything but I got the message as I looked at its face. Those very human very beautiful features were androgenous. Also it wasn't wearing its cap in the vision and its hair was short, a pixie cut- kind of- that as well could be a male or female style. It was aggravated, I think, to have to tell me this in this way, but I am happy that it did!
So now I have to figure out what to call my faery guide. I'm not sure of the name yet and I don't like the pronoun 'it'. Also I am thinking of leaving the 0 card blank and referring to my memory and drawing on another piece of paper. Will that still work to attune my deck though?


Yes that will work. I have had my deck for over 10 years, never drew on the actual card and I have had no problems. If you stick with this deck in time you will see that it has an uncanny way of coming to life even when you do not have your cards out! When it comes to the faeries just go with the flow, don't over think it. They will let you know what they want and will reveal only what they want you to know of them as they see fit when they see fit (names for example). You can always ask your guide what he/she would like for to call him/her.