HACHETTE - learn and understand astrology and divination


Does anyone remember the HACHETTE weekly magazine series that came out a few years ago? The set came with binders, and cards to collect, etc.

I won't disclose my reason for asking, until I get your responses ;)

Is that OK, Jade? :O

~Slinky Cat


LOL - sure it is LOL



jade LOL


I got this for a while: It recently came out again. However, I cancelled my subscription after a while... It just felt a bit 'tacky'. And the information it gave about the Tarot was far from 'mainstream' or even accurate!



Hmm - ok, not many replies!! WAH WAH :'(

heh heh

The real reason was that I was going to buy a whole load of second hand binders in my fave book shop - is it worth it? They were cheap - and had the "papers" that I missed out on.

Oh well, duzzint matter :p


it recently came out here in australia, i dont know if it has been out here b4, i bought the 1st issue cause it was half price hehe :)..the tarot cards look pretty crappy though :(
if i could get all 36 (?) issues REAL cheap i would probably buy them...