Hag stones


Does anyone have any experience with these?

I have a few but one in particular is 'special'. I found it a little while back:

Post 480 and further down another post with photo.

The thing is, it DEFINITELY has its own agenda. I can't wear it for more than a couple of days, it makes me really antsy, sharp and almost depressed. However, the upside to it is that it give one a sense of 'force' or power, like a sort of "don't cross me" sort of vibe. Definitely protective, definitely no-nonsense but I've never experienced anything like it.

The thing is, I was sceptical at first, thinking it was just me, stuff going on in my life but the above has happened every time I keep it with me or wear it for a few days.

Does anyone have any light they can shed on such things? Am I simply not 'there' yet enough to balance or control it?

Your help would be appreciated if you can.




I never wear a hag stone, I hang them about the house. They are powerful and don't often lend themselves to intimate contact, but they are very protective.

From the fuzzy pic, I can't see what it might be that you are feeling about yours... perhaps the fact that is is square with a round hole in the centre? There is innate balance there, and two shapes of sacred geometry.

ETA - another thought is that some other entity (ies) might have attached it/themselves to it - to the corners, since corners are places of manifestation. So maybe whatever you are being protected from is attaching itself to those 4 corners.


Thanks Sophie, I've seen hag stones used in many different ways, strings of them for spell work, personal protection, house and animal protection etc. This one, however, is special to me personally, both in the way it found me and the feeling I get from it.

It's as if it has its own personality (which is a no-nonsense, gruff, plain talking, warrior type). I've sat with it, meditated/sourced to it but never 'see' any recognisable entity.

The only thing I can say for sure is that it seems 'absolute' in its force to protect me, I feel the strength it affords me when I have needed to draw from it yet at the same time it is difficult to live with, like having Chinggis Khaan staying in your home for the week!

Dancing Bear

I use to have a hag stone when i was little..
It is a smooth stone in a shape of australia and the colours are black and beige.. It sits in the palm of my hand.
apparently i found it on the beach when i was about 16months old.
My gran put it on a chain for me, I wore that hag stone for years apparently, rarely taking it off, and always wore it when i went out. :D .. I used it as a teether LOL!..
Recently i found it again. still on the chain..Much to my excitment.
Then dont ask what happened because nobody is fessing up.. But it is now broke.. the top part of the hole has been broken and then thrown out, to hide evidence. now i only have the bottom half of my teething hag stone :(

I have found the odd one here and there over the years, I hang them up off of things around the house. I dont actually wear them.. except the one i found when little. I havent found one as smooth and opaque in its colouring since.
I believe it is agate. But i will stop talking about it now, as it still gets me annoyed thinking that it is now broke..
"Not me" lives in this house often, i guess i am gonna have to start charging this person rent. If i ever find them .


Milfoil said:
The only thing I can say for sure is that it seems 'absolute' in its force to protect me, I feel the strength it affords me when I have needed to draw from it yet at the same time it is difficult to live with, like having Chinggis Khaan staying in your home for the week!
That reminds me of a rather bad-tempered dog my mother had for 20 years - she protected my mother fiercely, and woe betide anyone who tried to breach her barrier - but she was also a real grouch and incredibly possessive.

BTW, I think the square shape is related to its 'absolute' nature. Squares are not very compromising.


Oh DB, thats such a shame. Thankfully, in our house, 'Not Me' left a month back to share a flat with his mates. The stuff of mine that was broken, missing parts, damaged, scuffed, won't play now etc is really annoying.

Can't wait till he has his own place and I can walk in with dirty shoes, drink the last orange juice (then leave the empty container in the fridge) and leave toothpaste all over the sink . . . ;)

Interesting Sophie, makes sense too. :)


I've had an obsession with these things for years and years; I just love them.
I have loads and loads of them all over the house. Some are small and I have a couple of huge ones. I have one on my keyring, one hanging in the car and I wore a couple round my neck for years. I had one on a necklace and it actually looked like a hag in profile - gorgeous.
I have one that looks like a tunnel that's part of a little group of hagstones that sit on the mantle-piece above the fire.
I think of them as lucky and protective and legend has it that you can see into the land of the Fey if you look through one at the right time.
I got most of mine from around Brighton and Dorset but I seem to find them all over the place all the time (or they find me ;)).


Hi Sulis

Did/do you find that any in particular have a very strong energy?


I have a couple of these. One I've used to journey. I imagine myself travelling through the eye - it's very intense and unlike other journeying experiences. like others have said, it has its own agenda.


That's an interesting way to look at it Flaxen. Thank you, I will try that.