Halfway Through

Major Tom

*feeling rather pleased with my efforts*

Major Tom's Tarot is halfway complete - 39 cards finished and on the website: http://majortomstarot.0catch.com/

See Faunabay as the Queen of Coins and 2 of Coins.

See Tarotbear as the 8 of Cups.

See me as the 8 of Coins and the 10 of Swords.

See Greenman as the King of Wands (complete with standing stones).

See my grandfather as a young man as the 10 of Wands.

See Blue as the Knight of Coins.

:D See a complete stranger as the 3 of Swords.

My sincerest apologies to Kayne for losing his photos. :'( (If you can find them to send again - I promise I won't lose them)

I'm really beginning to feel like I'm getting somewhere with this deck. }>

Only 39 cards to go! If you've thought you'd like to take part - don't miss your chance.


Major Tom,
I don't know what the deal is but I can't access anything below the court cards on your website :( The suits won't open?????

And I don't know if this would be a great big deal or not, but can you make it so we could look at a larger version of the cards - You know, "click on the picture to see a larger version"?????? If it's a big deal no problem, but it's kind of hard to see some of the details.


Major Tom;

Way to go! You captured my true essence and the essence of Oliver the Retriever as well.

To think that my likeness graces a Tarot card. Today I am a Man!


You lost my pics! :p :D
Ok... will send them again - just because I want to be immortalized in a tarot card :)


HEY! Now I'm in three of them ! ( brag, brag, brag).

3 out of 78 cards - that's .038% of the deck! LOL!!! :p

Major Tom has more completed cards than the FACT deck!


yeah, nicely done Major Tom.
i like the composite, although i really didn't think that was the picture you'd choose (i was picturing the 'swordfight' as the two of swords). but it came out great! they all look really good.
hehe, i can't wait to show my friends. none of THEM are on a tarot card, mwa ha ha!


yeah I know I have taken forever, though since my assignment was - 2 coins - :O

what now ?

you have a 2coins now I see :(

Me feel a tad forgotten now..........


HEY! I want to take part, Major Tom! :)
I'd love to include my participation to your Tarot Deck in my Curriculum Vitae!
That would be just GREAT!!! ;p

Really, I'm available. You just tell me the cards you still have to do, the one you think I can do, and the type of photo I must take and send you.

I'd be most grateful if you let me do that! :)
As for the Aeclectic Tarot Project, I being late, but I don't care!
I want my share of fun, SO THERE! 8)

You'll let me have it, right? :)


Major: WOW!!! I esp. like the new World card and the 8 of Coins, and of couse the 8 of Cups....

Blue: Love the guitar!

Keep it going, Major, you're doing well!




Yes, I'm kind of fond of it too. It sounds great and if you hold it flat in your lap you can see yourself! What more could a person ask for?