Handmade papers


Has anyone used handmade paper before? I am probably going to use some to back my deck, and I am wondering how it will hold up.

I'm working with colored pencils, india ink, and metallic paint on cardstock --- this will only be used lightly (it's a personal beginner's deck --- I'm adding notes around the edges to prompt myself, and studying each card as I draw it). I'm planning to glue handmade paper to the back of each card, and I'm trying to decide if I need to do anything to protect it. I like the feel of the handmade paper, so I probably won't unless someone's had a bad experience with paper shredding when used like this...

Major Tom

Evania said:
Has anyone used handmade paper before?

Many years ago, when I was working on my art degree, I used to make paper. I would then use it in printmaking and drawing.

The key element in the making of paper is the binding - which is what is used to hold the paper together. Paper made with either Gum Arabic or simple white wood glue will stand up well to use as you describe. You could add additional protection by spraying it with cheap hairspray. Unless it's a smooth finish paper - you might find it difficult to shuffle....


Thank you. :)

The paper is smooth enough that I think I'll be able to shuffle easily. I'll probably try it and if the paper starts to look too fuzzy I'll glue something else to it.