Hanson Roberts - 7 of Pentacles


He leans on his hoe, tired, after a long day working on his crops. He looks tired, and maybe somewhat worried too. Worried that the rewards won't be what he had wanted and hoped for. Yet he has done all he can and now all he can do is wait and see what happens.

He is probably worried for nothing.. as his crops look healthy and promising! :)


I see him as tired but I also see him as impatient. He's almost there but not quite. He needs to have a bit more patience and then he can harvest his crops. He also may need to do a bit more work too, just to make sure that pests don't ruin his crop. :)


I think he looks tired to, he has worked hard all day but can't see the progress he has made, all sevens mean don't give up and I think that it is really emphasized in this card. P.S. I hope you don't mind me joining in this group as I have had this deck for awhile, as I couldn't relate to the RW deck either. Blessings


Physical Needs

7 coins can mean physical needs, as opposed to wants and desires. (That would be 7 cups!) Such as food. Maybe it's the end of winter and the food stores have just about run out. The farmer is tired because he is hungry. Spring is blooming all around but there are not - quite - yet any crops ready to eat. So he is impatient, but in a tired, almost-resigned way. Probably tired of worrying about whether there will be a good crop this year, too.

Divinatory meaning? Physical needs and (along with 5 coins) worrying about material security.


I've always seen him as he is going to start to cry at any moment, maybe of hapiness because the rewards are already there, I see this card hapenning in summer or autum because of the color of surrounding trees and grass and also because of the sunset gives me a warm feeling.


rachelcat said:
Divinatory meaning? Physical needs and (along with 5 coins) worrying about material security.

Like Flavio, I see this card as being more positive than the five coins, because there is a hint of success. There is hard work indicated and uncertainty, but the chance of success, of obtaining what you want eventually. I think this card comes up when I'm being impatient, and looking for an easier way out. Uh-uh. No easy way, just work hard and be patient.


Patience, Grasshopper

I always see this card as just needing to be a bit patient. YOu've done the work, things are growing, coming to their fruition. I've even seen it as a pregnancy card from time to time. I like this time of watcing the work I've done grow. The labor was hard, the farmer is tired, but things are going well.


I also see this as the card of hard work and patience. You will reap your just rewards - but it will not come easily. You must put forth the effort to gain what you are hoping to gain.


RedMaple, that's really interesting that you have seen this card come up as a pregnancy card. Thanks for pointing that out. I love hearing about what the cards mean for other people! :)

Pocono Platypus

it's about gardening

For me it's all bout gardening, and all the hours I have spent in that same position, leaning on a hoe -- but I am glad to learn these others aspects