Hanson Roberts Seven of Rods


I thought I would continue on with another seven today. :) The seven of rods shows a young blond man wielding his rod/staff against six others. We can't see anything of his opponents, not even their hands. He is positioned higher in the card than his opponents, so it is clear he has the high ground. He is smiling widely, and seems very confident, even though six against one is hard odds.

The LWB says: Overwhelming odds surmounted. Success. Gain. Obstacles and challenges met. Advantage. Victory.
RX: Embarrassment. Hesitancy causing losses. Doubt.

Looking at this card makes me think of phrases like: taking a stand for what you believe in, and doing what you want even when others don't like it. Being on the moral "high ground". Having the courage to meet the task before you.

That grin also makes me wonder if our hero is being completely realistic: six to one odds should make anyone have a little caution and watch out for their defense, but he seems to have no fear at all. Is he just being stubborn? And the flip side of being on the moral high ground can be unpleasant self-righteousness.

If we look at this as a progression from the six of wands, it brings to mind ideas about having conflict with subordinates or with those who are jealous of you, and trying to pull you down to their level.

What does this card mean to you?


Whenever this card appers I realize is time to put limits on situations or in persons before they get completly out of control, the Tarot sent me the message in a gentle way and a couple of times screaming "what the hell are you waiting for to stop this?" anyway the advice is always to take a preventive action, not a corrective one.

As for my impressions on the cards, I've always seen this character as a very cocky guy, he knows he can handle much more than 6 enemies, makes me think he started the fight just to show off his skill with the rod, wonder what will happen the day he finds his match...


So, Flavio, in a way, this card alerts you to a need to be 'on the defense'?

Great idea, and fits in very well with the imagery, too.


Lurea_aure said:
So, Flavio, in a way, this card alerts you to a need to be 'on the defense'?
I see it more like taking an early action before the things get out of control and then against me... some people say the best defense is the attack :D maybe this card teach us about that.

Celtic Star

Hi, thought I'd jump in and say that I like both of those "definitions". I usually see this card more as a "don't give up" kinda card but each of these definitions can apply depending on the reading.

Let's keep it going!


Yes I agree with Celtic Star, I always look at this card as don't give up you will overcome whatever is worring you despite the odds.


Now I'm all caught up on HR threads!

Remember the movie Gettysburg? One of the generals was always going on and on about the high ground! This guy listened!

I also see this as a meaning inner strength, of either morality or courage, kind of a minor Stength card. But I kind of like the idea that the energy in this card is about to boil over into the excess energy of the 8 of Wands, so you should try to get hold of it first!

I'm still having trouble thinking that hard Merry Men-types would be fighting with those beautiful flowering branches! And where did they get those great buds in that snowy high-altitude landscape?

Lula Jing

Lurea said:
He is smiling widely, and seems very confident, even though six against one is hard odds.
Personally, I don't think the wide smile is everything it seems, it's more like a grimace, if you notice the eyes and eyebrows they do not match the smile. There is a struggle going on... he is not as confident as he looks. To me, he his gritting his teeth with determination because he know's he's up against it. He can't take his eye of the ball else he will become overwhelmed.

The fact that he is holding upper ground is positive. Last time I received this card I was advised to 'hang in there baby'. This is what I did (against the odds) and it paid off.

To me, this card means keep going, keep persevering, keep on top of your game, don't take your eye off the ball even for a second.

Shy x


Hanson Roberts - Seven of Rods

He is outnumbered and facing the wind but he has the higher ground. His cape and belt are red, signaling action, as does the suit. His protection is light, limited to the studs on his arms and neck, but he's still better equipped than the fighting characters in the five card. His grimace is still partly a smile. He can win and he knows it. He has adversity, but should triumph.