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10 of Pentacles

I pulled this card as my daily card today.

I like the HR version much more than the Rider-Waite-Smith version which seems too busy for me.

This card is a beautiful golden colour and seems to radiate a feeling of happiness and security.

From my journal:
Good home life,
Count your blessings

Shows the different generations of a family - makes me think of having enough to be able to leave a legacy.
There is a crest with a tree on it behind the younger man - family tree, support, roots, strength, being able to support and provide for those you love.
The dog and the castle make me think of protection - if you have enough, materially and spiritually it can be a sort of protection.


Sulis xx


I love this card. To me it also says
contentment and ease



hanson-roberts tarot deck 10 of pentacles

i was just wondering is that santa claus ?the big old man with the kid on his lap it really looks like 'him' and if not who is he suspose to be and why is he there ?


Since 10-Pentacles pertains to accumulated resources, inheritance & security of the family (or business) related, the older man apparently the family patriarch. He is the originator &/or the holder of the family estate who has a vested interest. Here his interest in a grandchild reflective of an interest in perpetuating the future generations & their well-being.

It could be a 'Santa Claus' card, too given the posture of the figures in the card.


For me, in a country were Santa Claus is not the stronger symbol of Christsmas, I just see the old man as the grandfather, I feel like the parents took the children to visit him at his house.

At least here, the house of the grandparents is the place where all the family meets and have a lunch on Sundays, three generations together, grandparents and grandchildren enjoying a very special relationship, their link is stronger than age, grandparents are eager to share and pass all their wisdom and resources to the next generations.

This card is "Yes" at those times when someone asks if some situation they are living is going to last or remain like it has been so far.