Hard to See (Introspection)


Hard to See by Five Finger Death Punch
>>Lyrics Here<<

This song could quite easily be another relationship song, but it could also be the self introspection sort as well. So what I plan on doing is setting up the spread as introspection and keeping it loose enough for it to be turned into a relationship spread.​

Card one; Your current position
"Im growing so distant. Nothing makes sense to me anymore"
----This is essentially where you would go to find out what's bugging you, or to compare and contrast the arguments you and your partner may be having. Simple starting point is all.

Card two; Base of your situation
"Im learning to resist Becoming more than you ever were"
---This is where your aggressions lie and what's causing the stress in your life or relationship right now. This card represents the crevices between you and yourself essentially. Source of disfunction.

Card three; What you can't see
"Cant explain, whats come over me (come over me) Cant explain, why its so hard for me, So hard to see your side."
----The message that just can't seem to be conveyed. Ever try teaching someone and no matter how you word it they just can't seem to get what you're trying to say? This is the message someone or something is trying to get to you.

Card four; What you need to consider
"Projecting all my anger I cant seem to get this through to you The walls are closing in I dare you to walk in my shoes"
----This card represents somethign insanely obvious that you just haven't registered as of yet. Could be an oppurtunity, a hinderance, or someone else who's shoes you may need to step into for some insight.


Optional Cards
"I wont see your side."
---- Two optional cards here can be the result of a) Being stubborn, and refusing to change your ways or b) Deciding to change your ways. Just some factors you may want to take into consideration. Just place them on either side of the previous four cards.

Not going to start shunning input now. You know what to do. :D


Nice, again! I hope you're keeping track of all your spreads, you're off to a good start with all these!


Amanda_04 said:
Nice, again! I hope you're keeping track of all your spreads, you're off to a good start with all these!
Actually I haven't. Figured if I ever decided to compile them I'd click the "view threads started by" in my profile. Haha, may end up keeping them all in a notepad file.