hartmann lines under my mother's house


I have the suspect that a hartmann line is crossing my mothers house, or that the electric tower in the near is affecting them.
Is any easy way to verify this and if is true, any way to block the bad energies?

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You can dowse them or get a dowser in. A bit of experimenting with a pendulum and you might be able to do it yourself.

Some people detect where the intersection of the two lines is and then hammer copper pipes into the ground through the intersection point ... but this might only act as a 'vent' or pressure release valve ( meaning I would still avoid the area of the pipes if that energy is affecting you). Without more information its hard to tell whether it is telluric or EMF from the towers - dowsing might help distinguish that.

Depending on what the problem is some EMF shielding might be possible.


I think they have all sort of problems. Water wells, an electical tower just by one side, a very busy road just in front of, and probalby a harmann line crossing the living room to the bathroom.

I passed the info to my mother, I found some tips to find and clean in some way, so she will have much to do for a while.


research into dowsing and have a go (or she have a go herself). It came to me strangely easily! ask questions, yes / no.

you could use crystals to deal with the energy, but first find out what is causing the bad energy! :)

Briar Rose

1) draw a map of the land
2) draw an inside view of the house.
3) make a pair of dowsing rods using a metal coat hanger for identifying the leylines, and draw them out on the map


using purba's, you are going to hammer them into the ground were the ley lines are destructive.

Here's a good thread on ley lines:


and a link info to get you started


Personally; I have 2 HUGE destructive ley lines going up my driveway on either side, and through my house, and then running across, in front of my house. Oh my- all kinds of holes in the earth, plumbing problems, electrical and geopathic stress.

I had to do some intensive research. I made print outs so I can reread them, and learn about them. I am grateful to have come across the sticks. (someone made those sticks to separate wine bottles on a shelf unit) I had a wood carver put the sticks in a vice grip and use a little hand held electric sander to make the points. I now know I can get square sticks and sand down the side, and sand down to make points!!! It's easy once you get going. The thought of the preparation is the hardest part.I drew faces on each side that represent my warriors on the ones I pounded into the ground. After that, when I dowsed the area, I can feel and see the rods are different, that the energy is not flowing.

I bought a quartz crystal (little 2 inch) purba to work with. Powerful. A vogel wand works too. Very powerful. So does using a crystal shungite. I have one sitting on my router box. I wish now I bought more. They are expensive. If you find any at a decent price, PLEASE let me know where? Thank you.


best video;

Do not place any quartz crystals in the ground in areas of geopathic stress as quartz is a conductor. This is why shungite works so well.

Any information that anyone finds on ley lines, purba's and such is greatly appreciated. Please post!!!!! Many thanks. Namaste.


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