Has anyone 'invented' their own method of divination?


During the summer last year, I was walking on a gravel path near the coast, and started picking up stones that caught my eye....Most of them turned out pretty weird...
Anyway...when I got home, I felt that they all seemed to have some kind of soul or energy, so I went through them one by one and wrote down what their energy felt like, and the symbol that each one suggested for itself...and presto, ended up with a new set of divining stones...the set was only completed with one that had been sat on my desk for a year or so before hand...
For readings, they work incredibly well, since my understanding of their meaning is so much more personal that from something like runes...

Has anyone else had a similar experience?



Hey - very good Malachite!

A few years ago (before I discovered tarot in a big way) I was really interested in various methods of divination such as Druid Sticks and Celtic Ogham. This got me thinking that almost anything that was 'random' could be used as a form of divination.

This sounds really stupid to me now... but the most random thing that happened all the time in my life was the traffic lights I went through on the way to uni... There were exactly five sets. I worked out that if I got five red lights I was going to have a really bad day at uni, five green lights was an excellent day and various things in the middle.

I don't think it was accurate... but kinda' fun to think about. :) I wonder if more accurate results could be determined?


I have to say....seeing crows is a big thing for me...although I'm still trying to work out exactly what they mean...like...4 crows in a tree, or 7 on the wing....
12 on a roof freaked me out, as I frequently remark...



Marshmallow divination!

I suppose you could use really anything! From coloured pieces of cloth pulled from a drawstring bag, to how a marshmallow cooks over a fire....!

I used to use something similar to Kayne when I was at school walking through corridors on my way to registration: If I could walk straight through without being jostled, bundled, pushed over, stopped, ect, I was going to have a wonderful day. If not, and I was stopped lot, or cut up, I would have a day where I would face lots of set backs and delay. Basically, my walk down the corridor, became an analogy for the rest of my day...



we created a divination/scrying tool at Maggie's Magic Spells....and it works really well :)

in light,


Malachite: You've got me intrigued and excited. I'm going to tuck your experience away in the drawer of my mind entitled "Keep your eyes open". I love this idea.Thanks for sharing it.


Walking down a corridor... sounds interesting i might try that. Could opening doors work too. Sometimes when i go to school only one door is usually unlocked. Do you think which one is unlocked could tell me about my day?


Intrigued AND Excited?...wow...I'm on form today!..




Seeing If i can actually work the mojo with crows today....
saw two huddled on a roof in a bitter wind, and thought *gonna have to support a friend in trouble even if i'm suffering jsut as much...*
will keep an eye out!


here's another one...

i didn't invent the idea, but...
i created a bag of charms based on the 22 major arcana, like a tiny baby doll for "the fool", and a little globe for "the world". the idea was to randomly pull the charms from the bag to create a reading with the combination drawn. i think i read the idea in one of silver ravenwolf's books, it might have been the "broomstick" one. anyway, i actually didn't do more than a few "readings" with the bag of charms--gathering the items was more fun, and it helped me to learn the major arcana!