Has moving upset your ability to read?


[i had originally posted this as a two part query in the chat section, but thankfully, jade came to my rescue and suggested i break it up and post each query under a more appropriate area. thanks jade!]

Since moving to Ottawa, I feel I have "lost" my ability to read for myself. I want it back! I also used to be alot more intuitive them I feel I am now, and I miss this aspect of my self.

I wonder if anyone has had any experiences on the effects of moving locations on their intuitive abilities? Again, I used to be quite good at reading people, and not just through Tarot. I used to live in western Canada and found Ottawa that feels "closed" and that this has affected my self. *I* feel more closed, and only recently have I felt any of my former self trying to break through. Has anyone else gone through this and if so, how did you break through?

I was not able to read in Ottawa until just this past autumn, when I picked up the cards for the first time in 5 years to read for some colleagues at a private residence. (Actually, that's not quite true - I had tried to read in the past 5 years, but never could get any sense from the cards). It felt so great to read again - and I felt that ole' familiar feeling coming back. But I've tried again at home and just don't feel able to read for me again.


Amyel: The ability to call upon one's intuition at will seems to be the underlying subject, as the ability to read is a result of it. Intuition is a delicate balance between the conscious & the unconscious selves; between the self & one's environment. When a stressful situation intrudes, that balance can be disturbed.
Moving & other life changes tends to produce a high level of stress. Regardless of how well-adjusted an individual may be, the nature of the disruption in the life may throw one's sense of self off-balance. The survival instinct kicks into gear during the attempt to adjust to the changes, & may not include a focus for other concerns or interests until the period of adjustment has occurred.
One may not immediately recognise the impact of the move or whatever until an accustomed activity or interest is affected; however, the ability to read is not really "lost"; merely temporarily displaced.
Therefore, a number of variables could be affecting your ability to read. You may not yet be/feel settled despite the length of time that has ensued since the move. Different localities have their unique personalities, composed of all that may be in that environment. Depending on how the collective energy of an environment/ location interacts with your own energy, you may feel at odds. A change of residence is more than a mere physical move. It usually also involves changes in the daily pattern of life & in the routine to which one is accustomed.; however, if it has been 5 years since you relocated, then it may be the location or some other variable present in the life (that was not previously). As another move may not be a practical remedy, perhaps you need to work with grounding the self. Grounding can involve physical, mundane activities--such as adjusting the personal environment to a different arrangement or color scheme. Even changing the daily routine. It would be beneficial in general to incorporate regular periods of meditation & prayer to assist in getting back in touch with the inner self & to re-establish the personal equilibrium. Real life intrusions & just daily life can create disruptions.
Blessings & "good fortune" to you! Keep us posted.


MeeWah, your response made alot of sense on many levels, but of course, as is often the case, sometimes the "answer" is right in front of you and if you are focused past it, you miss it completely. You are right...I really feel I have not become "grounded" in this city, and that's not really fair for me, my hubby, or the city itself. I moved here to be with hubs (then boyfriend) and I left 14 years behind, some bad times, alot of really great times, and many, many friends. So perhaps the city feels closed to me, because I have not opened myself up to it and all I've heard it has to offer. And stresses...well, that's my life!

Thanks, for pointing out the obvious to me (although, it obviously *wasn't* obvious to me!)