hats off to you guys !!!


well I have attempted to do my own tarot deck twice now ...... and given up both times. I am a perfectionist, and I just wasn't happy with the work i had produced ..... so ultimatley i saw no point in continuing.

so i would like to say how much i admire those who have had the patience to stick with it and see their project evolve, and in some cases completed.

alot of people think it will be easy, i did, but after my attempts i know how much more there is to it than 78 little pieces of art - and heck thats alot !!!

respect !


Shame you gave up? I think it's amazing that anyone ever completed one manually! :laugh: Kudos to the Ms's Smith and Harris! I think, even with computerised techniques, one thing I learned is to find software that is capable of doing things in "batch". I've been though the process of doing the same manipulation 78+ times by repeated keystrokes and even then... Still, I suppose it's good for the character? })


Little Baron

I take my hat off too. I am doing this at the moment (see the Make Me and Empress) thread and it is quite mind blowing; especially as I have to design garments and make some of them as well.

Anyway, I suppose I must get on with it.

Best wishes