Healing Energy Please


Hi All

This is more of a request for my b/f Paul. He knows I'm into this site and energy work and he's also open to receiving it. However he's in so much discomfort and pain that he's not in a very good mood.

On Tuesday the 14th of this month he had major oral surgery. To graft or implant a new jaw line for future dental implants. So he has a bovine implant on the left upper maxillary area with an open wound. the skin wouldn't stay stitched togehter so the dentist too them out. and a wound where the new bone was taken from to graft onto the bovine implant.

I ask that you share your healing energies with mine to help his body heal faster and cleaner. He's doing what he can to take care of himself...I suggested meditation, going to his friend who's a chiropractor, or naturopathic clinic at a local university to help him help his body heal. My energy is a little weak right now with all the emotional stuff that I"m going through right now...my threads speak the truth. I can only send so much distance healing without compromising my energetic needs also.

Any positive energy that can be sent his way would be so appreciated and helpful.

Happy Holidays if I don't get a chance to check email in the next few days.


My thoughts and prayers go to you both :)
May Paul get better soon.


Hey PG,

sending light and love to Paul. A sore mouth is awful at anytime, let alone over the holiday period. I hope you both find comfort soon.



poor paul! :( that sounds really painful. there are a huge number of nerves in the face.


Asking Archangel Raphael to help Paul with a speedy recovery.