Heart of Faerie oracle - (44) The Lady of Faith


This is the first card I drew from the HoF deck, and I really love it.. so I wanted to share some things I wrote in my journal about her...

Her heart and throat area are exposed, suggesting a trust in love for her being and her expression (keeping in mind the heart chakra, and the expression/listening involved with the throat chakra)
....the way her eyes are closed while her ears are covered suggests to me that she is looking deep within herself, listening to the truth in her heart, bringing her peace and security.
She is not in fear. She is centered and at peace...
She knows that true safety exists beyond the physical; that she is actually protected (rather than vulnerable) by having an open heart.
She has faith through awareness in herself, her ideas, and her connection to all.
Her necklace, a crystal, also suggests a connection with the Earth and its power to ground, heal, and protect, and to bring her a sense of greater purpose and belonging.

The card suggests to look within... to form a deeper connection or understanding... to find truth, to discern what you may think versus what you believe in... to find serenity... to question what thoughts or emotions you may be blocking out or refusing to tune into... to not worry, to stay calm... to have trust in yourself and/or others... to trust in the process of life...

....I kept her in mind all day, and I really felt more at peace :)

Not long after I drew her, I began reading a book (The Healing Power of Faery by McCoy) and as soon as I read this line on pg13, the Lady of Faith came to mind:

"We are learning to listen to nature with our hearts and minds rather than our ears, and to form a closer bond with all the earth's residents. We seek to have power within rather than power over others."


This is a beautiful message. Thanks! for sharing I'll have to read this again :)


This is a beautiful message. Thanks! for sharing I'll have to read this again :)

Aww, you're welcome, and I'm so glad that it resonated with you in some way!

I'm absolutely loving this deck.. there is so much yet to be seen within it. I'd love to hear others' opinions on the card as well.

I am still perplexed by the armor on her shoulders... particularly due to the expression of the face on it. It reminds me of a gargoyle. Perhaps it represents a shield of protection for the "home" of her body, similarly to how a gargoyle would be placed to serve as protection on a church/dwelling... which all reminds me of the saying "Your body is a temple."


I really love this card. The Lady of Faith came up for me a lot within a very short period of time, and has spoken a lot to me about learning to open up again after heartbreak.

I love the contrast between her vulnerability, which allows for new love and new life, and her armor, which defends her from criticism, especially self-criticism.

She speaks to me a lot about believing that good will come, even if pain has happened. It really is about faith, about looking forward, to the light, as one emerges from the dark.

Thanks for bringing her up!