"Hedgewytch" cartomancy practice



I'm starting this thread so that people following this rather popular cartomancy system would have a place to practice. More specifically - practice getting fluent in the combining of colors/suits/numbers in the interpreted threes of cards. Basically, this is what you'd do just going through the deck, three cards at a time, but sharing your interpretation with others, as inspiration :)

I am aware there's a similar thread from somewhere around the year 2005, but it's long since dead and very very long, so I thought it would be less confusing if we start from scratch :)


Andddd so we begin! :D Kudos!

My first sample three-card reading:

9:club: 7:spade: A:club:

Hmm first impressions regarding colors:

alot of difficulty in work.. plagueing the mind, causing more problems with work. a difficult cycle that needs to be broken.

more technically, looking at the numerical association...

changes in work or plans causing karmic problems with the situation. The ace brings about new beginnings.. but could possibly be new problems?

Overall id take this to mean:

THe querent is having a problem with a project at work which is causing problems in their personal life and how they deal with others. There will soon possibly be more hardship involving this project, or just work in general, but the challenges will last a while and the hardship, difficult to overcome.




:) Nice.

I tried getting something totally different for those cards and I came up with:

The querent's work situation is going through a lot of changes, meaning there may be downsizing planned, or new contracts signed, merging, changes at the boss positions - big stuff going on, that has the querent worried whether they're going to manage. They're analyzing different paths to take and are very stressed by this. They're going to have to prove their creativity and usefulness in work by doing something innovative.


I pulled 4:spade: Q:heart: 7:heart:, which could mean, for a start, that the querent had a bad history with their mother, tough childhood, bad memories. She was very dominating and restrictive, but they have now realized it was all because of the way she expressed her love and care. They're on a road to forgiveness and reconciliation (is that even a word?).


Haha!! Reconciliation?? Yeah.. a word i know tooo well.. lmao..

Wow you get alot more from this than I do.. haha! Good thing I have you to learn from. :D

Hmmm okay i get from your cards I get no change in current problems, at least for now.. the answers will come from a woman you care about dearly.. a woman who will assist you in your troubles, maybe her love will bring the querent out of the stump... and assist further in troubles of the heart through fate.

ahahaha!! im soooo stretching here...


Ooooh, wait. Maybe it means that the querent's emotional problems (maybe unreciprocated love?) will somehow end before the next full moon? :D Or that green eyed caring woman will make them irrelevant?

Oh my, I really need to go to bed now.


Okay ummm what??? where in the heck did you get green eyed women?? and the full moon.. ummm okay. ur crazy girl.. lmao!!!

This is definitely going to be interesting.. :D

Don't strain ur brain too much now.. get some sleep and rest that purty lil head of yours.. haha!



Personal Prophecy is also a playing card reading system.

But Hedgewytchery is a good one too, and I believe this thread is devoted to the Hedgewytchery system.

Now let me grab my playing cards and see what the week looks like (if I dare!).


Yah, I saw it. It's the one that gives me white noise heehee. I've struggled with that system through last year, probably that's where the green eyes came from. Dark blonde to auburn, green eyes - hearts.


Oh, and the moon corespondence is mentioned in this Hedgewytch method. Diamonds is the growing moon, up till the first quarter. Hearts is from first to full. Clubs to the third. Spades to the new moon.

How would you interpret 3:club:4:heart:A:club: in terms of relationships? I'd say that things changed, plans and wants changed on one of the sides, which leads to a rather stable relation, yet one you have to keep working on, again and again from the start. Far from fluffy happiness, hm?