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Career and Dating

You also mentioned career and dating, so I'll look at them next.

Darth MI

Saturn STRUGGLING with Mars

I have aquestion does the chart indicate a deep indulgence into intellectual subjects such as anthropology but at the same time a big wish to break into sports and more "masculine" physical activities?

One thing I noticed in modern astrology is that its true when they say Mars in Aquarius implies a lot of aggression into intellectual subjects.

In addition to being a diehard militarist, I always also wanted to be an athlete. TO be specific I wanted to learn combat sports in particular wrestling and kickboxing. But I always gave away whent he physical pressure to practise these thing went too hard for me.

I notice when I failed at physical stuff, I'd end up going instead reading into stuff. For example if I couldn't handle running training, I'd escape and end up just reading running articles. Its as though since I couldn't handle the real thing I'd take the easy path and just be reading about famous runner to compensate. I'd admit I'd be wishing for example I was strong as HUlk Hogan when I read about his legendary wrestling achievments because I coldn't take on actually doing wrestling training.

It doesn't help my parents often did not want to take the effort to take me to say real Judo class because it takes money and its far away.

In another twist of inconsistency, they PUSHED my brother to be an athlete even though my broher hated being pushed and as a result he is much stronger than I am. Hell they were willing to drive whole hours away and pay monthly fees JUST so he can take lessons in self defense and learn how to swim and such.

Also I notice for all the reading I'd do, I'd learna wide variety of things but I could never get my real goals such as becoming an athlete and so.

And in relations to the militarism, I'd READ WHOLE HOURS about real battles such as D-Day or the fall of Constantinople wishing I WAS A SOLDIER but when I tried to pus myself mentally I would fail. I'd watch soldiers in envy in bootcamp recordings and such.

Does the chart indicate strong Martian personality but difficulties in actually being Martian? Does this post show my other temperaments and icnrease more what you already stated?

Also related to this-in some of my escaping when I couldn't hadnle the necessary pressures to accomplish my goals such as becoming an athlete I'd end up doing other stuff like reading and watching TV or gaming.

I'd have to ask in particular-with the exception of reading, in my other means of coping with my failures in trying to accomplish such as playing video games even in these things I give up quick.

For example I am frustrated I am losing weight so I'd start playing my Nintendo game. But after reaching the boss and ding a few times, I'd give up in anger. Sometimes even throw the controller.

Or if I am watching a TV series out coming home from a stressful day when I;m done with 4 episodes and I realized I hve 30 more episodes to go I'd just stop watching the TV SERIES PERIOD after I decide to give up. I want even return the next day or even next month to resume. For example it took me returning to watch Scooby Doo 8 YEARS after I gave up ont he show and its only 6 months ago I finally finished watching the whole TV series.

I can really see the impatience thing for the Cholerica temperament coming out.

I have to ask why is reading the only area I could maintain consistencies in? Evne than I'd give up reading any book if its not related to militarism and even in the military topics I'd given up a few works and it took me coming back to them years later I was finally able to read them cover to cover such as Art of War.

Modern astrology would put it all ont he Aquarius influence but I am curious in Hellenistic astrology would this be Mars struggling with Saturn?

Darth MI

Also you said take little things such as sports do them little by little to eventually improve myself confidence.

Would sports really be a field I'd have extreme difficulty in according tot he chart?

Also I know the Greeks didn't have video games but what does Hellenistic say about rather lax entertainment (vidoe games, board games,etc)? Gaming has been the one hobby I put more times in than any all my life except for the miltiary and while I already admitted I give up easily when I get frustrated, I do have to admit a common trend for me is to waste time gaming for whole days. If I return to a game after giving up due to frustration, I ntoice I would lower the difficulty and up playing without callenging myself just to simply steam out pressure and have fun (though I would not dare replay the levels I got frustrated in and threw my mout at the computer or so forth).

How does this relate to the Saturnine tendency as far as gaming goes?

Darth MI

I know I'm sounding like MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES RIGHT NOW which is why I say its absolutely ****ing true when Walter Pullen calculates my chart as being dominated by 4 SIGNS and only spearated by decimals as far as %s goes.

So I won't be surprised if you see all 4 temperament types in me (I did some research lol XDD).

Also does anything in my chart shows ideologist? I already PMED my fanatical NAZIESQUE levels of militarism and you also saw I stated a modern astrologer told me its Scorpio struggling with Aquarius specifically I'm a diehard Naziesque miltiarist because Scorpio is about military and its Aquarian ideology thats causing me to be obsessed with the military to unhealthy extreme.

More stuff later.

Darth MI

Most of my life the only area I ever exceled in was intellectual subjects such as language arts and social studies. THough starting in Middle School it got narrower and narrower until it was almsot exclusively militarism in high school (I already mentioend father pushing me hard in school and i think part of it was I was such a high grade student in elementary).


There really isn't a concept of education in the modern sense in Hellenistic Astrology. In later times the ninth was seen as the House of Higher Education, or philosophy or the Mantic Arts.

For a Hellenistic Astrologer, such as Valens, the ninth is more concerned with soothsaying and prophecy or being a royal clerk. or going abroad. Your ninth is ruled by the Moon, which is usually taken as benefic. The Moon itself is placed in your tenth house, but as we have seen is afflicted by both malefics. The ninth also contains your Lot of Nemesis and your Lot of Courage.

So it seems a reasonable deduction that ninth house activites are where you find your Nemesis - this is a thoroughly wretched Lot, there's nothing you can do about the situation and it's more or less a permanent condition. Trying to find an answer in reading, poetry, education, philosophy is unlikely to work. Things are as they are.

The Lot of Courage relates to boldness and strength but also to evildoing and plotting - it's the Lot of Mars, and like Mars there are a range of meanings. Either you will find the courage to simply accept the situation and learn to live with it. Perhaps tempering your more extreme thoughts or desires with wisdom (the ninth is the Joy of the Sun and the Sun is usually associated with light. ), or you will simply live Nemesis, a wretched condition. It's likely that you will experience this very publicly as the ruler of these Lots is in the Tenth Place of Action and social recognition.

Remember that Nemesis is the Lot of Saturn and with Courage being the Lot of Mars bot of the sources of these Lots are co-present in the fourth Place. We're back to parents, home and country again.

If you take a Deterministic view, Nemesis will win, if you believe that by your own actions you can mitigate the effects, then you will find a way. Ultimately that lies in resolving the family situation. That might be by you excluding yourself - moving out and setting up your own home, or by challenging them and seeking some form of reconciliation. That of course is predicated on them responding and recognising your situation.

Will Sport be a way out? That is a fifth house activity. Sun and Venus in the fifth trine Courage and Nemesis by sign. It's not a strong trine at all. but at least it sheds some benefic influence on the two Lots. The fifth is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is not in good condition, being in Detriment and Retrograde. I don't see you being outstanding at sports, or even particularly good. It will bring a little beneficence into your life though. It's not going to cure the situation or put things right. It's a palliative.

Only by dealing with that basic situation in the family will you really free yourself.

If that sounds pessimistic, in a sense it is. It's a difficult task as your parents seem to exhibit widely different influences, ranging from disinterest to strict control. If you don't have the courage to deal with it in a constructive way, this will eat away at you.

Your Lot of Necessity lies in the eleventh Place of Friends, that is people who can help you get to your goals. The Lot relates to difficulties in life, but difficulties that can be at least greatly reduced or overcome. This Lot shows where action by you can help you overcome difficulties. It's also conjunct Jupiter, there's a benefic influence. True friendships, not conspiratorial ones may help you.

Darth MI

Another spot on reading.

I do have to disagree witht he sports thing. Its been more than just a palliative. Recently started weightlifting, running laps, and resumed boxing lessons its been a major role in controlling the choleric temperance you speak off. It feels like aggressive energy has been taken off and I admit they are becoming obsessions, not mere ways of taking out frustrations in more productive ways.

But wow just wow I've always tried to read books to look for answers but even with knowledge I always felt the state of Cancer in Nemesis as you described it afterwards.

One strange exception to the rule is astrology. What does the Hellenistic chart say about astrology in my life? I'm not sure if its a modern lot made up by some random astrologer but my Lot of Astrology is in Leo and of all the intellectual subjects out there this is the only one where the knowledge actually helped me in my life. Although I temporarily left astrology (even though I still read articles) out of incredible anger in witnessing the online astrology community's stupidities, what I learned from deeper levels of the hobby such as what we're doing right now (Hellenistic) has been a huge role in making small and gradual improvements. Yes I agree reading, poetry, philosophy, and education has not brought me any benefits and actually brought me trouble I believe increased the effects of Nemesis in Cancer. I will post on this another time or even PM it (because its incredibly personal like the military stuff).

I'll save the necessity for another time.

I do ask aside from resovling family issues and sports, what indicates in the chart will help in the situation? I recall you said some stuff like entertainment (heck sports was in the lists of things) will help quell down the Mars and cope with the Nemesis and use Courage to the advantage.



To see whether the person is good at sports, I would look at:

a) Ascendant, the sign and planets in it,
b) Domicile or exaltation ruler of the ASC, the planets with it,
c) The Moon,
d) Mars's or Mercury's condition, or both.

Your experience of losing momentum in your actions may be due to the body significators being in a cardinal or mutable sign(s). Also consider whether they are angular or cadent. For example, my Mars is in a cardinal sign and is cadent by Whole Signs. Due to this, although I may get inspired to undertake a project, I tend to quit before completing the project.

Retrograde planets can also cause problems with one's consistency in actions.




Barkey's placements are:

Ascendant: Scorpio, no planets in the sign.
Domicile ruler of the Ascendant: Mars in Aquarius (4th Place) Saturn is there too.
The Moon: Leo, tenth Place Separating oppositions from Saturn and Mars (11 & 4 degrees)
Mars: in own Bounds in 4th Place, slow direct not under beams
Mercury: Aries, 6th Place, partile sextile with Saturn

There looks a fair amount of ability to initiate and then maintain (tropical houses, fixed signs) but Saturn will exercise some limitation. I would think Sports would go well.


Another spot on reading.

I do have to disagree witht he sports thing. Its been more than just a palliative. Recently started weightlifting, running laps, and resumed boxing lessons its been a major role in controlling the choleric temperance you speak off. It feels like aggressive energy has been taken off and I admit they are becoming obsessions, not mere ways of taking out frustrations in more productive ways.

A palliative will suppress symptoms and produce a visible improvement but take it away and the problem returns. What do you think would happen if you stopped the 'sports thing' in terms of the 'original' problem? For your own physical health, I'd suggest you keep going but think whether the 'sports thing' has cured your issues. That is they won't come back if you stop.

On the temperament issue. Switching forward a few hundred years, I carried out three tests. Two very simple (the second one relating more to health issues) and one more complex. The results were:

Simple Test: Choleric 60%, Melancholic 20% Phlegmatic 20%

Simple Test 2: Choleric 40%, Melancholic 20%, Phlegmatic 20%. Sanguine 20%

Complex Test: Choleric 27.2%,, Melancholic 18.2%, Phlegmatic 18.2%, Sanguine 36.4%

In short, I don't think your choleric exterior is really as strong as it seems. It's certainly a significant component of your temperament but there's a hidden Sanguine side, your desire to learn and to communicate with others that may well outweigh it or at least equal it. The problem with Sanguines is maintaining focus, the problem with cholerics is being over focused. You've got that reflective side to you which might help you integrate them more easily.