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My next stage is to look at particular topics. I think from our exchange of PMs, etc the following areas are what you would like to know more about.

Romance, marriage, partnerships all for the future.

Health issues and your general health for the next few years.

Career and Income from various sources, including the family context.

I'll take each of those in turn and look at what's going on. For some such as a particular romance, I will need the other persons' details. Of course it would be best just to PM those to me.

It may also be that specific questions may need to go to the Horary thread or I'll answer by PM but I can look at the general issues here.

I'll start with the general consideration of Marriage and Partnerships in the next post and then work through those topics.
Hi! Is it better to put my question that's in the horary readings in this thread instead?


Hi! Is it better to put my question that's in the horary readings in this thread instead?

Hi katieb,

Sorry I missed your questionin the Horary Questions thread. No idea why that happened apart from the fact I need my eyes testing. As it stands your question is fine where it is but you can always go for a fuller reading.

This thread is more of a learning and practice thread for me, so I'm always on the lookout for new sitters.


Ethereal, Domicile Lords of the Places and Topics

I'll now move on to take a loot at the topic areas selected by Ethereal.

Income and Career

Income and resources are second place affairs, though they might also be related to the eighth house through inheritances. The eighth covers 'other people's money and it's association with death, makes it an ideal house to look at inheritance.

Your second place is ruled by Mars, which is not a good start, as it's the out of sect malefic. To add to the problems, Saturn is placed here. Again don't take that as being disastrous but it does mean there will be difficulties in this area.

Mars is in the sixth place, so it may be that your income is in someway affected by your health, or is related to health and health care That area is the most likely but it's not the only one. The sixth place also covers pets and small animals (which would mean that a possibility would be earning money from animal care) and the sixth being a Decline, would link income to travel and foreign places or foreigners.

Saturn also rules the fourth house of father and family, so some income may come from your father and from family or real estate. As Saturn is a natural significator of the father, along with the Sun, I think the fourth house link is most likely to be your father.

Saturn also rules the fifth of children and good fortune. So you might receive income from an (adult) offspring. Of course not all of these would occur at the same time or even necessarily as a one off. But these areas tend to be your most likely sources of income.

Venus rules the eighth of inheritance or other people's money. This would include alimony or other payments from divorce and the aforementioned inheritance. As previously noted Venus is squared by Mars, so this might be an area where there are issues on occasion.

Career is usually attributed to the tenth place, which is concerned with a person's actions. Your tenth place is Cancer, ruled by the Moon. The Moon has natural significations of the mother and indeed womankind in general. So you might have a career that is related in someway to the needs of mothers or women. The Moon also has natural signifcation for travellers and water. So careers relating to travel or the sea or fishing would also have meaning here.

The only common link to income is 'travel' so that would seem to be a good fit, though I'd be most surprised if that actually was your career. The Moon is placed in the twelfth place. Again, that is not a good placement. Your career may be in some way hidden - you work behind the scenes - or related to institutions and hospitals (a more modern meaning), or again travel and also loss.

So the Moon's placement does seem to suggest travel, yet again. So you might well have to travel possibly a long way, in order to pursue your career. The twelfth is also the place of Loss, so it might be that you lose your job or find it difficult to keep your career going.

The tenth is occupied by the Sun and Mercury. The Sun rules the eleventh house of friends, sponsorship or patronage and in later Astrology groups and social movements. Mercury rules the twelfth place of enemies, loss, travel and the hidden. Mercury also rules the ninth place of travel, philosophy beliefs etc. These two add a wider dimension to what I've already said. In some ways your tenth offers the widest range of opportunities in your life and that is good. The ninth and twelfth rulers of course stimulate that theme of travel, which is already established.

Just as a refer back to the previous post. Mercury rules your Lot of Spirit which is related to your actions and ability to influence what goes on around you. It too lies in that twelfth house.

Romance and Marriage

This is ruled by the seventh place, which is Aries and thus is ruled by Mars. Mars, is in the sixth so we have a connection of marriage to health. That might mean the health of your partner rather than yourself but of course it could mean that in some way your health is affected by marriage. Your Mars is in a mutually applying square with Venus the Ascendant ruler. As I've said before there is something of a mutual reception, as Mars is in the exaltation of Venus and Venus is in the terms of Mars. There is attraction. But the square suggests that there will also be problems, an initial attraction may become more of a difficult relationship. Mars is linked with severance, so there's a possibility that a relationship will break down, either is going your own ways or in divorce.

Now that should not be read with a modern approach in mind. A difficulty with one relationship does not necessarily mean that you will always have difficulty with relationships, as Modern Astrology might seem to point to. Hellenistic Astrology would simply say that at least one relationship might well end up in break down or in a relationship which becomes one of tension rather than one of companionship.


The main indicators here are the sixth place, the Moon and the Lot of Fortune.

It's important to stress at the outset that illness is not a necessary condition of life. We have illnesses from time to time but they can be mild or one off conditions. So just because I mention possible vulnerable areas does not mean that these are going to be problems either continually or at all. The are possibilities. Some may be more likely in childhood, other may be more likely in old age. In my own case, I couldn't see any of the possibilities Astrology suggested until I reached my mid 60's. Now I am aware of at least two manifestations. Not serious but definitely chronic.

The sixth is ruled by Jupiter the benefic of sect, but Jupiter is itself in the twelfth and in a loose opposition to Mars, placed in the sixth. Jupiter's placement suggests that any illness is likely to be hidden for some time before it shows up. Jupiter rules the liver but also is associated with diseases relating to the lungs, palpitations, heart murmurs, tonsillitis and diseases brought on by over indulgence. As Mars is also the planet of surgery, I would not rule out surgery at some point, though as I suggested above the surgery here could do with Mars' rulership of the seventh place, rather than because of illness.

Perhaps less difficult, the Twelfth relates to the Feet, as does Pisces, which is your sixth place. So you might have problems relating to your feet. In my case my sixth is Capricorn and this has signification for the knees and I do have knee issues now.

I've looked at the general ideas suggested by your chart but what I haven't done here is to look at events associated with those areas. I can do that in the next couple of posts. Just let me know which ones (or indeed all) that you would want me to look at.


thanks, minderwiz! I just read the post. I am going to re-read it to digest it, more fully. please correct me if I am wrong on this; as I said, I read the post. but, I read it quickly wanting to dash a feedback to you. with the inheritances thing, it looks like there will be some problems, about me getting what is rightfully mine. do you see any other person in the family having done something to cause a disrupt into what should be mine? I have a sibling I DO NOT trust, who has care of my dad, currently. and, I think he may have made changes to my dads will. will his perhaps not full cooperation. I don't really want to go into it. does it look like I will have to fight this, perhaps in probate court? that what my father wanted me to have , wont come to me as he truly wanted? someone manipulating things behind the scenes to cut me out of what was to be mine? pets and income and travel. funny, a friend of mine is making a great deal of money now,pet sitting. she suggested this to me. and, yes, I would have to travel to her, as in relocation. travel has been part of my life now, for a LONG TIME.

income from an adult child. could be one of my children. its happening now; not on a great fortune basis, but he is helping me. did the alimony thing, so that is past. the inheritance is what has me worried now. the fairness of it. the manipulation of a sibling of my dad , presenting issues for me. careerers..cancer and moon. yes, in a caring field. I had done some nursing in the past.

traveling and losing a job..difficulties in keeping a career going..could this mean I move and gain a career and lose it again? I have been through so many job losses in recent years. nothing I had to do with. like fate..it just happened. a repeat cycle?

I had some major health issues after my last child in my former marriage, it helped to end the marriage. so, In that respect, health was related to the ending of my marriage. could this be an ongoing thing if I find a new partner?

health: heart problems. that is what I picked up here, I was diagnosed with a heart murmer at one time. skipped beats. I do get them. occasionally. there is alot of heart disease in my family. coming later on in life makes alot of sense. my dad had triple bypass at 83. he had clogged arteries the surgeon said for decades. so, I can see this, possibly coming on. later in life. liver troubles in my family , also. due to alchoholism. which I don't imbibe in. preventive medicine. what do you mean when you say surgery due to mars 7th place rather than illness. what would that mean in regards to a need for surgery? feet ok so far. lol, but I will be on the lookout!

go ahead and look into all areas . would love to see what you get. and, thank you again! I am sincerely appreciative of all the work you have put into this to help me!!


Thanks for that great feedback.

Firstly whilst I mentioned surgery as a possibility, that's all it might be. Mars is a natural significator of surgery but then it's also a natural significator of migraine or other sharp pains, or being accident prone or having problems with cuts. So by no means does it have to mean surgery.

Travel does seem to be a recurring theme in your life. That doesn't mean your condemned to travel right the way through but obviously it's a risk that travel might still be a requirement at some stage in the future. That's something we could look at for the next stage.

Your main concern seems to be your brother. Jupiter in the twelfth, not only rules your sixth house of illness but it also rules your third house of siblings. So a sibling who causes you loss, or acts in an underhand or hidden way, or even becomes your enemy are all possible interpretations. Jupiter is also in a loose square to Venus which might be further evidence. Venus lies to the right of Jupiter so Venus will overcome Jupiter in a 'contest' but the twelfth is the hidden place and as you rightly pick up, what is unseen can be a real threat simply because it is unseen. I think that is definitely something to pursue in the next stage. You might also want to ask this as a horary question.

At the next stage things become somewhat open ended. What you are concerned with is whether some of the things we've identified are things which will continue into the future (especially the activities of your brother). That leaves a large chunk of time to consider and I can't really do that in major detail, unless you have a feeling that something is going to happen at a particular time. What I can do is try and look for any broad trends that seem to be indicated. In the case of your brother, your Dad is the determining factor, as we're considering inheritance. So perhaps the next ten years is a good guess as to a period.


your welcome on feedback , minderwiz! only right, for all you have done for me!
well, maybe no surgery . that would be a good thing! yes, look into the travel thing. and, yes, it certainly is a recurrent theme in my life for a very long time, now. the inheritance thing..i will post a question in horary. about that. yes, do look into broad trends regarding inheritance within period of next 10 years. thanks mindewiz! posting question in horary now!


Minderwiz, do you remember when we discussed the Moon/Saturn conjunction and the problems with women and women in authority it's been causing me forever? Well, it started again. What's given in the natal is hard to avoid. However, I believe with the time we learn to deal with the natal promises and it seems this time I'm less inclined to suffer it or invest myself in it. LOL But it's interesting how it keeps happening. Just to share as a feedback.


Minderwiz, I bet you're sorrry I got a few free hours today but if you can just glance at my exercise with profections and releasing, I'll be vary grateful! :)

OK, so I haven't had any time lately to practise but I thought it would be good to refresh my memory now. I did release fro Libra, Pars Fortunae. In the middle of November there is a Loose of Bond to Pisces L3/4. I take it this will activate natal and transiting Jupiter, correct?

Natal Jupiter, if I remember correctly from your analyses, is not in his best shape, right? But he is in the 4th, whole houses, ruled by Mars in the 7th. Since I'm in the middle of some tough conversations with my ex, I hoped this could bode well re: family, relationships, etc? Pisces is also my 3rd house, so I hoped this would also ease communications, especially with relatives or similar, am I on the right pathy here?

More so, at the end of December this year I'm finally leaving the Aquarius L2. I'll still be in Capricorn L1 but the L2 will switch to Pisces, and again: activating Jupiter, yes?

At the time Jupiter will continue transiting my whole house 8th, it's natal 7th still but... He will turn retrograde and thus staying in Leo for more. Leo has my natal Saturn there but in the beginning of the sign. Should I consider him activated? Saturn rules my Ascendant and I'm still in L1, so probably should matter.

At the time Mars (if taken into account through rulership of Aries) will be transiting Pisces, Jupiter's rulership, trining himself (7th), my Sun (11th), and finally my Moon (7th).

Again, my main question is: will the switch to Pisces L3/4 first and then Pisces L2 ease the personal sphere in general?

I also tried profections. I just entered an Aries year (by Ascendant), Mars is activated again, he is transiting Capricorn and will conjunct my Ascendant soon. This doesn't sound bad to me. I mean, Mars natally rules my Sun, so I'm not exactly unaware of his influence and after Saturn drained my juices and made me check my body and soul, Mars will be refreshing (if I don't kill myself LOL). Saturn did, as usual, bring the positives and quite a few achievements, but I'v ehad enough for now. LOL

Will natal Mars in the 7th be activated by this too? Or is it the natal 4th house in Aries activated? Does this bring us to Jupiter in natal 4th again? I see a pattern here, both releasing and profections point at Mars, the 4th and possibly the 7th, right?

One thing that makes me uneasy is the natal opposition Jupiter/Mercury because Mercury rules the 5th and 6th. :(

That's all I managed to look at now, I left the Sun and Moon out for the time being (Sun is in Aquarius, Moon in Libra).

Thank you!


WOW!!! You have been busy today in at least one direction. :)

There's a lot there, so I'll take my time and get going on it in the next day or so.


WOW!!! You have been busy today in at least one direction. :)

There's a lot there, so I'll take my time and get going on it in the next day or so.

Sorry! :) I just need some relax in the family/relationship area, too much stress lately and I jumped to the releasing and profections to find some hope, I guess. But it doesn't mean I can't face it if I have totally messed up with those.