Hello to Moonbow*


Our new moderator in here :D:D:D


Kim and That Gnome poke Moonbow* in the side.

Kim: I think she's asleep.
Gnome: Nah, she's not sleeping, she's faking.
Kim: How can you tell?
Gnome: Look, her eyelid's twitching.
Kim: Well, maybe she's just dreaming. When people dream, their eyelids twitch.
Gnome: Yeah, but both eyelids, not just one.

(Kim leans forward and inspects Moonbow*'s face.)

Kim: Oh, yeah, you're right. She is faking. C'mon, Moonbow*, wake up!


Ok... OK

I'm awake...... just! (I never fake it) :D

Thankyou for the kind wishes TA and Kim, but I've been here a while now (but hiding from the Fae Folk.)


It seems you will be very busy Moonbow* I've noticed most mischief on AT has a faery or gnome behind it. (or a TemperanceAngel, or a ncefafn... ;) )