diane drizzy

Just to say hi to everyone.I had been working with several tarot decks but then I found all of you. I knew I had to see the faeries for myself .Well they certainly have had alot to say to say the least! They love my dog Drizzy,a blind pug and have been keeping an eye on her for awhile (so to speak). I don't think they've warmed up to my husband much tho. Each time we visit they make me smile. Right now we're negotiating on what bag everyone would like and they mentioned a crystal for good measure!


Hello and welcome diane drizzy! :D

Great to see another Faery lover around these parts! When you get a chance, do share your thoughs on your Favorite card, and Least comfortable, on those threads as well!!

Many blessings....


diane drizzy

My first post on the faeries oracle.....

There are lots of fey activities going on around here. For some reason, most members prefer the faeries, and not gnomes, specifically the garden variety......

and not a single mention of elves or dwarves.....



I think I see "O! That Gnome!" winking ;) right now....

There are no elves that I know of in the Faery Oracle deck though. My sister would love a Froud Elven deck. Wouldn't that be nice?

Aura Wolf

Sounds like faeries alright...Welcome!

Island Dreamer

Hello Diane and welcome :)

Nice to hear that the Faeries are keeping an eye on Drizzy for you.

There are a few gnomes in the Faeries Oracle but seemingly few elves. There is a Tarot of Gnomes though which is quite whimsical.

I have just completed negotiations with my Faeries for their bag and some of my crystals. I'm sure they'll let you know what they would like soon enough ;)

Island Dreamer


Diane, welcome!
I love to hear about everyone's Faerie experiences.
Glad you joined us.

Oh, and don't mind Mercenary he likes to stir the caldron from time to time.
The Faeries will soon take care of him. })
He's got the Elves and Dwarves all rialed up .
And the Garden Gnomes are having an inferiority crisis.
I don't know what he's doing in here.
"But his life will be forever changed from this day forth."

Humm I didn't say that it came directly from The Dark Lady....
Boy Merc are you in big trouble.



Welcome to the faeries section. Things go bump in the night here, shadows fling across the walls, appliances go out left and right, and we have to wrestle with our vcr's to get the tape out, but all in all, we have a great time together.

Please share all your faery stories with us, your thoughts about the fae, and well, anything else that a faery may whisper in your ear to speak up about here.

Take care, and I'm so glad to see you join us!


OOOooo...an Elven deck would be soooo nice!

There's a few elves in this deck,

I see Michael a muckle as an elf, and Ta'om the poet as an elf, maybe even soul shrinker too. And there are a lot of elves in the backgrounds in the cards, such as the Bright Mother (if you look to your left in the background, all in gray, that is an elf), and I know i've seen other elves in the backgrounds.