help he wont go away


i have had my faeries for about six months the first card out was himself (17) i found this card haunting but it made me feal at peace rather than scared. he now appaers in dreams and most of my readings and i feel unsure of myself and him he started to scare me and its making sleeping difficult i no hes trying to tell me something but i cant see it at the minute.please help


the first things to do is

1. ground yourself by picturing yourself rooted to the earth as a tree would
2. center yourself, which means breathe and become one with your energies
3. surround yourself with white light, and fill yourself with white light as well
4. ask for angelic protection. (alwasy do this before any card readings, spiritual work, and such , i always do it)

now ask the oracles cards why his energy is so prevalent in your life right now , and what you can do to stop it in the second spread.

the answers should be quite revealing.


Hi Purple,
Holmes suggestion is perfect.
If you would like to share your cards picks here please do.
Lots of good fey folk will help you with them.