Help me finding a deck!


Hello, recently I've been rejuvenating my interest in tarot, and I immediately remembered a deck that I stumbled upon a long time ago, but I forgot it's name. I hope you guys can help me out in this: the deck was, as I remember, fantasy themed. It wasn't really 'light' fantasy type, you know, full of fairies, dragons, sorcerers, but rather a dark fantasy-themed. The artwork was very similar to these fantasy-themed illustrations from the 1980s (something like these: the atmosphere of these illustrations is very similar to the atmosphere of the deck, but I remember it was more... gothic, I think - there were cathedrals, dark castles, hooded people, etc) and it had black 'frames' around the illustrations with card titles written in white font in Spanish.

Anyone rings a bell? I loved this deck so much, now I am browsing the internet in search for it but no luck so far. :( Thanks for anything!


Don't count on the Spanish text - many decks come in several languages.


Do you remember the approximate year you found this tarot deck? That may help narrow down the one you're looking for.


Spanish... that makes me think of Fournier - aren't they from Spain? You can find all decks published by them here.


She did say it isn't any of the ones listed here as dark and gothic.


She did say it isn't any of the ones listed here as dark and gothic.

Ah well, yes, but why would I bother to click the link when I *clearly* know the answer. ;)
Ooh ooh, me me!