Help needed - marseilles decks


Can anyone help with links for the following marseilles decks:


I would like to have a look at them for comparison but cant find some of them. Also if you're in the UK. the best/cheapest place to purchase.

Thanks Moonbow*


Thanks Lee, but that link doesn't work for me. Maybe with your great experience you can tell me which deck you like best?? I've been searching the forum and net for pictures.... how frustrating, I cant see any pictures!!!



Don't forget...

to look at the Camoin and the Fournier, too!


Ross G Caldwell

If you can find a deck that has been printed from woodblocks, you will be in possession of a magical kind of deck.

My only such kind is the Tarot Flammand, from Carta Mundi. This is a Belgian type of the late 18th century, and is illustrated in Kaplan. It is the one with Bacchus and the Spanish Captain instead of Pope and Popess. It is beautiful and is my favorite of all. I feel like I am actually touching the figures, and the cards feel somewhat fragile and temporary, like a deck meant to be used and discarded, as it no doubt was. So it is a treasure.

For pure Tarot de Marseille, I like the Piatnik best. It is large and authentic feeling, also late 18th century, although no date is given. The Heron Conver is considered the most careful facsimile of the 1761 deck, I understand. I have the cards, and I love them, but I have not warmed up to them like these other decks. I believe the lamination is too thick, and I wonder if they are smaller than the originals.

The one deck I would love the most is the Camoin bicentennial, printed from the original woodblocks of the 1760 deck. I haven't been able to get it yet.

My advice is to get any Tarot de Marseille, except for the Tarot Classic of US Games. This one has no life, in my opinion, and may turn you off Tarot de Marseille. I haven't looked at it for years, so maybe my opinion will change if I look at it again, with fresh eyes. I'm sure it must have something to teach.



The Tarot 'Classic' is not a true Marseille, but a Schaffhouse Marseille variation (as an example, both legs of the hanged man are bound) - though I personally like it very much - especially the pips.

I agree that the bicentennial woodcut-made Camoin is an absolutely wonderful acquisition...

I also agree with Le_Corsair in considering the Camoin and the Fournier. Personally, my three favourite (full 78 card) decks remain the Camoin, the Hadar (designed and produced, respectively, in 1998 and 1996), and the Héron version of the 1760 Conver. With regards to this latter, I had asked the question of its size quite a while back, and had been told (I cannot remember if by De Paulis or another) that the size was true to the original.

I also agree that the Piatnik is a good solid Marseille from which to work... in many ways very reminiscent of the later Grimaud.

The Grimaud has become a good solid standard, and the Fournier wonderfully colour-rendered.

It is a pity that felicityk's site doesn't seem to be up any longer - she had provided such a wonderful resource, which I had recommended to a number of people, without realising it worked no longer :(.

The Camoin and the Hadar may be viewed on their respective sites... I'll (or someone else) have to provide links - when I get some time later today or Monday.


Thankyou so much everyone, but I've made my choice (for now). I have chosen the Hadar. (very tempted by a few of the others though!) - maybe later!

BTW- the one I have at the moment is the ugly one on the end in the Villarevak site - I see what you mean Diana.

Moonbow* ;)


Good choice! :) The Hadar is by far my favorite.

-- Lee


jmd said:
It is a pity that felicityk's site doesn't seem to be up any longer - she had provided such a wonderful resource, which I had recommended to a number of people, without realising it worked no longer.

Lee must not have typed it quite right, because it's still up! You all had me scared.

I realized I don't have the Camoin Bicentennial there; I'll have to hunt down pictures of it.