Help the Project: North Italian Cities



autorbis has started a new project, a small net dictionary about Italian cities in 15th century. He needs some help. Here is his letter at LTarot:

Hi all,

I've a new project and I could need some help.

All researches in 15th century in North Italy often ends in the question, what was going on in this or that city at this time (15th century). And one doesn't know it ... one goes to google and tries to extract that one useful link, that gives good information. But that's work and occasionally it doesn't work very well. So there is need for a small net dictionary, working with some basic nformations (population, industries, reignment, important events) + links, which gives an easy way to sources.

If one person tries to do something like this, it's a lot of work.
Too much work and it wouldn't work well. If 20 persons does something on it, it's easy. What's about you? Would you help?

I've developed a standard page with city names according to possible importance for Tarot history. Only few names from outhern Italy, some names of small locations from northern Italy, which had become known for some special activity:
edit commentary: closed see below

The list must not be totally complete, but you see, that there are already a lot of places of interest.

What to do? We should avoid double work. If you could decide to do something about it, announce your help here (for instance: "I take Perugia, Lucca etc. or different"), so that the others could respect your engagement and take other cities. Then try Google or another search-engine to find informations. Links in English language are prefered, but naturally Italian links offer occasionally better informations. Include them.

Don't forget: The interest is mainly in the state of cities in 15th century ...

Then you've a few hours research fun. And post your results. And we're a step nearer to a result.

Your name will be included in the impressum of course. And many researchers in the future may say "thank you, good work".


If you're interested to take part, either join LTarot

or post privately to me


edited years later (2009):
The topic has wandered to (Locations - it's a not very loved topic, sorry). The group LTarot meanwhile has stopped its activity.


Looking forward to the progress of this project!