Help with faeries book!


Hi, I have just bought the Faeries Oracle from a short soujourn to London, and on arriving home and reading the book have noticed to my horror that some pages are missing. After checking via a store locator - there is not another Borders near me now to return the book! Does anyone know an online resource for this book? The missing pages are 177 - 192, quite a few, & those pesky faeries keep muttering and laughing to themselves that now I will never learn their secrets! Of course I know they are only playing with me and that the book is not THAT important, but it is really bugging me now. I can't even read about The Fee Lion, because there is only one line on that page (boo hoo) & I just picked him out.

Please help me someone.

Love Fluffy


Try phoning the shop you got it from. The number should be on the receipt.

Kick up a stink and tell them they have to sort it out.
They can mail you a new set. Or arrange somewhere to get it exchanged.

See if you can get to talk to the top person, not some foolish assistant who don't even realise the store sells books.

(We once got an assistant at a DIY store who seemed never to have heard of paint, or even know what it was!)

Anyhow, good luck with getting it sorted out. This kind of thing shouldn't be acceptable from a shop. (or anyone, actually!)

PS. It's a lovely deck, isn't it!


Hmmm, I don't know about any place online, unfortunately. :( However, you could try to get a used copy of the book online, or maybe a used deck/book set? One place to try for this is or

I'd try and contact Borders via their online shop at and see if you can send them the oracle book or set for a replacement. Good luck. :)


Well, my first reaction would be that you are not supposed to have the pages that are missing. On the other hand, if you feel you need them I believe the faerie oracle is available (with book) at Sam Goody's.