Help with kipper interpretation


Hi guys am new to kipper so am trying to see if my friend e was the one who impregnated girl x and this is what I got. I see dishonesty and the false person but do not know how to interpre it or tie it in. Secondly on the second line the last card is the coffin. How do I read that?
Here is the reading
Am using ciro's deck
For those without a handy card that might wish to help
Great fortune-----sudden wealth-----high honor-----expectations-----house
Privileged lady-----marriage--------official person----thief---------------coffin
False person


Hey there :)

I think the first line actually refers to her becoming/being pregnant.

The second line I see as events settling down, and having support. The Thief and Coffin combo I personally see as an end to problems that may be going on right now. Thief can be something that steals your energy, like anxiety and the like. And Coffin is an ending.

The False Person is, I think, telling you that you are barking up the wrong tree - E is not the father.

Hope that helps!


Woohoooo. Thanks so much Padre. E is about to be forced into marriage with this girl. I am vested in it because I recently started dating him and this issue came up. I just need more verification before giving him any type of hope. Will try another to clarify. Thank heavens for divination. How do u think the question will be better worded?


Oops I made a mistake. The false person is under the marriage card, card three.
Correct reading

26(great fortune)---11 (sudden wealth)---25(high honor)---28(expectations)---20(house)
12(privileged lady)--3(marriage)-----------22(official person)---24(thief)--------19(coffin)
-----------------------8(false person)


Hmm. Looking at your new details that you have just provided, and looking at the cards as columns rather than rows, either the marriage does take place - (High Honour, Official Person) leaving you without a boyfriend (Expectations/Thief, someone steals your expected beau) and that is the end of the matter for you (House, Coffin).

The cards tend to reflect on ourselves, even when we ask for others.

Sudden Wealth/Marriage/False Person makes me think either he is not the father, but she still marries him, because of the next two cards, High Honour and Official Person, OR he himself is False to you by marrying her.

The last conclusion I can come to here is that he dumps her at the altar, and runs away from both of you, ending E's involvement in both X's life AND yours (Coffin).

Maybe you could simply ask if E and X will marry, and only draw 2 cards. 2 positives would make a yes, and two negatives would make a no - and one positive, one negative would mean the matter has not yet been settled. Well, that is how I would proceed. :)


For clarification I did a rerun
Was e the one who impregnated girl x
27......21.......12...............13.....8.....17......38(toil and hard labor).........31

The toil and hard labor is only found in ciro's deck and it's basically drudgery.
Here am seeing that the pregnancy took place after the relationship ended.
Or that the pregnancy is false not his because she is def pregnant. Am trying not to see what I really want to see. Thanks.

Pls help me someone


Which of the cards are positive


Ok I tried the two card method.
Will e marry x======25(high honor) and 10(journey)
Will e marry me=====25(high honor) and 35(pathway)
I believe it is saying he will marry her and marry me too.
Though I read in ciro's book that journey you return from more like a round trip.
Then the psthway meaning the long road means that it will take a lot of waiting?