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I recently got the Haindl deck in a trade here, and I adore it. It has a special spread that Rachel Pollack created esp. to work with this deck, but I am finding it useful with other decks as well. I mostly use tarot for personal growth, transformation. but with everything going on globally right, I am finding it supremely helpful to get a daily reading on the collective energies going on. This spread is ideal for this. Rachel recommends dividing the tarot deck into the 3 groups: Major Arcana, the court cards and the remaining suit cards of the minor arcana. Shuffle each group of cards. I'll share the spread I drew today, with my interpretations in the other place on this website. Here I am sharing the basic spread.

1. Miinor arcana suit: draw four cards, placing them in celtic cross formation(vertical column of two card intersecting with horizontal row of two cards)
you can interpret these 4 cards in a number of ways. I read intuitively. I usually pair the two vertical cards, they typical show emotional issues going on in the collective consciousness (affecting a lot of people. and the 2 horizontal cards, often show progression, like one foot standing in both places, the first card representing what is recent past, or current, and the second card representing the direction the situation or energy is moving.

2. Major Arcana: Pull 3 cards and lay them in arch over the top of the simple 4 card celtic cross. They represent archetypal influences.
I usually look at all 3 of these cards individually and then look at them as 3 cards together, then look at the vertical columns. ( first column is 2 cards, the 2nd column is 3 cards, the 3rd column is 2 cards.

3. Court cards: Pull 3 cards and place them in horizontal row beneath the celtic cross.
again these can be interpreted a number of ways. In this spread, I generally interpret court cards as representing actions, rather than actual people. so first I look to see what suits and ranks are present. then I consider what each person is doing, and how I could apply this, This is good way to deepen understanding of the different elemental energies, and also explore what the different ranks in the court cards represent. What is the progression from page, knight, queen, king? Pages generally are learning, exploring the elemental energy. Knights are usually actively practicing, honing skills in the elemental energy. Queens embody the energy's essence fully, and nourish, enliven it within others. Kings also embody the energy fully and express it outwardly in protective, guiding ways.


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