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What is LWB?

I agree this deck is soothing. I haven;t even gotten a chance to use it much yet so I am excited to get to know these cards better!

Thanks for your insight! I hope you will stay with the thread and we can all learn from one another! :)

hunter said:
I really love my new deck. I have some chaos going on in my life today and this deck is really soothing me. I'm trying to let some drama slide right off me and not absorb it.

The 4 of Pentacles cracks me up. The you are constipated and anal retentive card :)

The pentacle cards are always the ones I check first. I get a lot of these for myself and the people I read for. The pictures are calming, respectful and appropriate for people in recovery, who have a lot of base chakra imbalances.

Right now my current tarot buying binge is all about calming and healing myself, but I see great potential in using this deck to read for others.

I think I might need to buy an herbal book. The LWB is quite good though.

I was planning on trimming this deck, but some of the borders look sloppy. I'm disappointed about this! If I trim this deck it will NOT be a relaxing trim.


save your money

hunter, I have 8 or 9 herb books, from Maria Treban to Scott Cunningham, and some of these herbs I've never heard of. I've been doing most of my research online, and finding more there. and I think the author has a website. Maybe I can find out more. It's amazing how much I don't know.:)
As you get the time, could you post what the Little White Book says about the herbs on the cards already posted? I'd like to add that in my journal. thanks Hh


I'm too exhausted to write tonight, but I have a LOT to say about the page of wands. Can we do that next?


I've noticed some surprising things about this deck.

When you remove the herbs, the pictures are very simple. Simple enough to use them as a guide to draw a similar picture and making yourself the main character.

Many of the court cards contain some subtle action.

Many of the cards and LWB meanings provide fuel to write affirmations.

I got stuck in an art therapy group that went all wrong. We were given a list of affirmations and were supposed to pick one and illustrate it. The affirmations were making everyone with severe trauma backgrounds sick :-0 People were leaving the room, acting out, and just having strange reactions. Of course as usual when this type of thing happens the leader just gets annoyed and doesn't try to problem solve what's wrong, and people were left to cope the best they could on their own.

At first I panicked and then put the sheet away and then started doodling...but then I started thinking. I read affirmations from "Power Tarot" all the time and really like them.

As discreetly as possible, I pulled out my Herbal Tarot and asked the woman beside me to pick a card for me as I was afraid to shuffle and attract attention. She had resorted to coloring a picture of a cute puppy given to her by a low functioning group member who carries around such things :-0

She gave me the Page of Wands. I'll try and scan my very childish drawing later. I was able to easily use the card as a guide to draw a simple illustration and write an affirmation for it. I hike towards a new dawn. It was very interesting to be able to use a court card to write an action verb based affirmation.

I added a path towards the rising run and drew a blonde woman instead of the page, but otherwise just copied the picture.

I was only one of two woman in a large group who was able to produce an illustrated affirmation. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the Herbal Tarot. And I discovered a few surprising things about the deck, as posted at the beginning of this post. Especially the subtle action of the courts.

Soaring Eagle

Is anyone still interested in studying this deck? I'm going to start some posts on the cards, so jump right in if you are interested.


Is anyone still studying this? I recently got mine and just started to work with this deck. It's a beautiful deck with very vibrant colors, but I'm a bit puzzled by some of the herbs associated with the cards. For instance, parsley for the Lovers isn't exactly the first that would come to my mind. Others seem pretty obvious like sage for the Hight Priest.

Also, does anyone know what the little orbs signify that the Magician, Justice, Hermit and High Priestess are holding? The High Priestess' one is purple, all the others are white.




I would like to get a deck but I live on a remote island and need to order one. As soon as I can get a deck I'll start to post!



Is there any card that has rosemary as the main herb in this deck? I'm at work and my deck is at home. I'm working on an article. I know rosemary is the herb on the back of the card. Thanks for any assistance.