Herbal Tarot - Three of Pentacles - Gentian

Soaring Eagle

You can see the minor arcane cards in Constellation 3.

Description: A man is planting three discs with five-petaled flowers close to a large gentian plant. There is a tilled field behind the man, and a forest and mountains are seen in the distance. A crescent moon is in the sky.

Significant Details: The five-petaled flowers represent security. The gentian plant represents fighting for our beliefs. The tilled field symbolizes growth. The mountains are the gateways to the spirit realm.

Keywords: Teamwork, Planning, Talent, Growth through hard work

Medicinal Uses: “Herbalists prefer to use the Yellow Gentian (Gentiana lutea), which they regard as one of the finest of all tonic medicines.” Culpeper’s Color Herbal. Gentian was used in Egypt as early as 1200 BC. The ancient Greeks used it for stomach and liver problems as well as for infections. Its reputation for fighting infections “persisted into the Middle Ages when it was used to antidote poisons.” It improves the appetite and digestion. American Nature Guides Herbs by Anna Kruger.

My Interpretation: This is a time to nurture and grow new ideas or projects. Use your talents and careful planning to see your projects through to a successful completion.

Number Significance: 3 – Fertility, Creativity, Growth, Collaboration, Relating to others

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The 3 of Pentacles is ruled by Mars in Capricorn. Gentian is ruled by Mars. The threes are in Constellation 3 with III Empress, XII Suspended Person, and XI World. 3 – Creativity, Nurturance, Sacrifice, Surrender, Form, Relatedness, Fertility, Limitation, Imagination.