Hey Italy (Addiction/Relationships)


Hey Italy by Halifax
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Knees are bad today. Making spreads to occupy myself. :D
So "Hey Italy" is another relationship song. In this one the speaker is despising himself as well as his girlfriend. He knows this relationship is less than healthy but he's addicted to it (most likely for its physical benefits.)
This spread can be used for addictions or relationships. Or both, depending on your situation.

Card one; You. Card two; Your "Addiction"
"I see her body move. I watch her body move. She's deadly poison. My only poison."
----Whether your addiction is a thing a person or a curious breed of both, these cards are simply the description of your traits, and the traits of what you are lusting after.

Card three; What you are getting from this. Card four; what the addiction is getting from this.
"What's keeping me alive? What's keeping her alive?"
----Obviously addictions are bad, but if things were as simple as "this is bad, so don't" then addictions would be non-existant. These cards explain what both parties of this horrid love affair are recieving from the other, and why they are staying.

Card five; What you do to turn your addiction away. Card six; and vice versa
"I see the victims of the deadliest poison. My face has turned her skin chalk white."
----The "deadliest poison" refers to the addiction. You know of this poison but you stay in spite of it. The second card in this section is the negativity the addiction or person brings out of you. This can be what you do to your addiction or what it makes you do to others. Depends on your situation.

Card seven; How you can turn away from this
"Listen sweetie You never meant that much to me."
----This is simply the advice to you to help you overcome this before any more damage is caused.


Makes it easier to compare/contrast.

Hope this helps. :D


This looks interesting. I'm going to try it out, thanks. :)