Hi, I'm hanging out!


I just got the Feys and am going to be hanging out. Anyone have any advice? I look forward to your thoughts and learning with you.


Hey- glad to see you-
as far as advise goes with the Fey, just play with them- they love to be played with. They are a noisy and direct bunch as well.
so expect some good punches :D
And even thought the have a pretty good friendly happy nature, you can use them to read for some pretty heavy stuff and they will make you feel better. They have a unique temperment.


Welcome new Fey user!

I would also have to say just pull them out and play with them. Laugh with them, feel their pain as well. They can be pretty deep and rather in your face at times.

I hope you enjoy them!

~ Melissa


Thanks for the advice, it gives me a good place to start with.


Hi Theia,

I'm also new by fey and Tarot. But I love this Deck, the fey touch my soul!

Best wishes, Roxanne