Hi!!... Some help?


Can folks advise me as to how to use these cards for readings for others? They confuse me somewhat!


could you please tell what exactly seems a difficulty on using FO? This way, I think, you will get more helpful responses.


You can use these cards anyhow you wish ....

You can pull daily Faery cards, or use them for spreads, the same as Tarot. You can pull one every night for a Dream Faery.

You can use them for meditation. You can collect them for artwork only.

What have you tried thus far?


Have you read the first part of the book, and done the exercises there? These really helped me to get in touch with the cards on my own terms. In fact, now that I've identified and written my impression of my "most appealing" and "least appealing", I'm going on to write down my impressions of all the cards before I continue reading or do many readings with them.

You also need to just sort of stay loose with these, and not depend on book meanings.

Nevada (Also new to FO, but LOVING them!)



I think I am just inexperienced at these cards so far & wanted others' impressions on reading for others with them. I know that they are really nothing like Tarot cards - I have read the whole book & done the exercises, but they seem like such a subjective experience, I would like to see what others here have come up with when reading for other people. They seem like a complicated & specialized study! ;)