Hmm, I am very curious now! Pregnant? Queen of Wands?

September Pixie

Sitting with a friend and pondering if she could be pregnant she decided to ask my Fey deck.. This was more for giggles and fun than in seriousness however.. she decided to pull 2 cards.. one from the top of the deck and one from the bottom..

She began shuffling thinking "am I pregnant now?" (she is about 3 days late but hasnt tested yet).. and then she stopped and pulled the top card and the card from the bottom of the deck..

She pulled:
9 of Pentacles & Queen of Wands.

She kind of laughed it off nervously and we went on to discussing other things, she is getting married in May of next year and wasn't trying but wasn't careful either.. however, now it has me wondering.. the cards she pulled.. both feminine, both green fey (growth), both wearing a brownish, reddish, purple-ish gown, and both appearing to be 'royalty' and both having large gold jewlery.. one thin (as she is now) and one very pregnant with growth of something.. interesting as this deck is both cute and deep.. just thought I would share... would be interested in anyone else's thoughts as well :)

Again, we werent really planing for a serious answer... but the connection has me VERY intreagued! I will keep posted!


Now those 2 cards together (especially with the Queen of Wands actually being pregnant in the Fey deck) - I'd say that there is a very strong possibility that she is pregnant.

Don't you just love the Fey?


Sulis xx

September Pixie

yes! I couldn't believe it! She kept asking me if it was something just trying to show her secret desires, but I am not sure since both cards were connected! I was begging her this morning to test!! She said since she is only like 12 DPO (days past ovulation) that it would be a bit early she wants to wait until 15 DPO and use FMU (first mornings.. well you know the routine), and then she will let us know! 3 days and counting!!

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oh interesting!
I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of the cards.
I had pulled the Queen of Wands and the image obvious thoughts of pregnancy. But then, there is that wishful thinking as mentioned.
The Pentacle could also be straight up 'childbirth' ie- the fruits of one's labor.