HoF: Exercise 2: Dinner Date!


Hi Heart of Faery groupies!

I was thinking about how I love to cook and have people over and I thought...hmmm....which of the fae would I like to have dinner with and why! And then I thought....why stop at just one. What about a whole dinner party filled with fae from HoF.

Who would I invite? And my oh my what would they bring and would they bring a geust....

What would an HoF dinner party look like at your house? Small and intimate? Or boisterous...like a kegger! Is there music? Well of course there is music...but who is in the band?

I haven't done this yet...so I have to go off and pull some cards and think about it myself. But I thought this might be fun....


This exercise sounds fun! I'll be trying this later when I have more time.


I liked this idea, but my faeries said they'd rather tea. I arranged to have their favourite green jasmine earl grey, along with some lapsang souchong for them. The Queen of Laughter was the first to arrive, she'll always make time tor a party. Unicornfaerie and her piper followed shortly thereafter. I was pretty glad for their arrival - I love the laughing queen, but she can be a bit much to handle on my own! They made such a happy ruckus that the Lady of the Song decided to follow the song of the piper for a bit and join us. The Speaker of the Truth was drawn in by the smoky scent of lapsang souchong. He mostly kept to himself, but was happy to converse with anyone who'd go to him. Unicornfaerie seemed a little put out after chatting with him, I'm curious what that was about. The unnamed faerielistener hung out with The Speaker for quite some time, and after went to talk with unicornfaerie and seemed to soothe her a bit. While all this was going on, Miss Laughter and The Lady of the Song where giggling away. I think laughter grounded the song a bit. By then, the tea was getting cold and the laughing queen had another party she had to make an appearance at. Unicornfaerie and the listener decided to join her, but the lady of the song and the speaker had quite enough of crowds and went off to find a waterfall to relax near.