HoF Study: The Crone


This card has been coming up a lot for me, and she's been challenging for me lately to interpret. She's an interesting card. Initially, I put her as being one of the cards I felt "neutral" about in the deck, but as I've spent more time with the deck, I've come to like her more and more. Her mystery, her ambiguous nature intrigues me. The more prominent face on the card is what I call the "wicked" side. And then on the opposite side, there's the kind, gentle face. Between them, a beautiful pearl. The artwork isn't as bright and vibrant as some of the other cards, but she doesn't come off like the b/w cards or the more sketchy/cartoony ones either. She stands out to me, coming off as strong and wise, but her action like the colors of the card, coming in shades of gray morally. Her eyes in the top face are the most amount of color in the card, reminding me of the color of tree bark.When I see the size and placement of the faces, it comes off that meeting with the bottom face, and getting the pearl, is less common for those who meet the Crone. When you meet her, you get the more intimidating face, and you must face that to reach the gentle face. Seeing beyond appearances. But I also see her as still a figure who could very easily be as she appears in the top face if she chooses. She's been around along time and knows a lot, and she knows every trick in the book. There's no pretending in front of her.

She's meant something different to me every time she's come up. I'm interested in what everyone else's thoughts are on this card. Is she one of your favorites? Why or why not? Does she challenge you? Or does her message usually come in loud and clear? Other thoguhts and interpretations?


I loved her from the first moment I laid eyes on her....but....her softer side?

I saw that as her clawed hand.....the fae love to play tricks.

Here is what is funny about it....I did see that softer little face....but totally forgot it and have been seeing that as a claw every since.

What came up for me when I saw that card in a reading the other day was....the ball is in your court.

I was reading for an older woman who was asking about her daughter. And yup....I thought hmmm....you control this situation right now. You have the ball, what will you do? Hit it back or not?

The rheumy eyes, the hooked nose...it looks like the witch in Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty right? She is tricksy...but I wait to see the surrounding cards with her. She is sort of...like any older lady. Sometimes she is giving you tea and lovely cakes, other times she is crying into her apron, other times she is chasing you with a broom.

But she does know stuff. She is the one all the girls go to for love potions, she knows how to make special creams and lotions (In fact she is working on a special cream for Gloominus Doom) and she knows how to mix herbs, grow flowers, mix poison.

Just depends on what mood you catch her in.....she either kills you with kindness or watches while you trip yourself up in your own nasty plans. either way, she gets you.


Oh, I love your interpretation of her! I never saw the "claw", but now I need to look at the card again. And you have a point there about the "killing with kindness" as the flipside. Either way, she's still in control. Very good points.


Nami what I neglected to say was that I love the softer side now. I love that you saw it that way, especially since I saw the little face...then immediately saw...a claw.

What is it that makes us see what we see? Or not see? Really fascinating.

Now that card has a new spin for me....and I may never see the claw again. Which I'm fine with, but I love the two sides as you say.


The Crone is an awesome card that plays such a great role in the deck. Too often wen we see Faerie decks we see that they are all light, bright, young and beautiful. The Crone is ancient, wise, dark, wild and a little wicked. I love the gleam in her aged eyes. She has tricks and treats up her sleeves.

There has been talk of her "Softer Side" I completely get it but I instantly imagined the softer side of a rotting log. Wet, moist, tender, rancid and vibrant with life of a sort that feeds on the death and decay of nature.

The Archetypes are a great grouping in the cards and is one of the reasons why I think that the deck has a nice rounded and complete feel to it.